INES#talent 2019

gigmit: Can you describe the sound of your music in 3 words?
Love Ssega: Energetic, bright, party-ready.

gigmit: If you could organize a festival, which bands would play there?
Love Ssega: I would have a long list of Outkast, Hiatus Kaiyote, Stromae, Justice, Wu Tang Clan, Frank Ocean, George Clinton, Beyonce and then DMX. How about that.

gigmit: What’s the weirdest / funniest thing that happened during a concert?
Love Ssega: I had been known to jump into the crowd during particularly rowdy performances. I once accidentally knocked a drink out of a punter's hand and she asked me to buy her a new own. Luckily stages and barriers are a bit bigger these days, so most drinks are safe.

gigmit: Who would you like to tour with?
Love Ssega: Childish Gambino. And ask for a part in Atlanta... Or Bjork, simply to be in awe of greatness.

gigmit: What do you think about digitization and the music industry?
Love Ssega: Digitisation has spread music far and wide which is a good thing – I was in rural South West China and a local could stream my tracks on their mobile. Only issue is how to get paid and the right amount. If we can send people to the moon, we can figure out a fair way to make everyone enjoy the digital revolution.

gigmit: As an artist, how important is it to use digital tools?
Love Ssega: Online tools are great in connecting people, but if it was down to me I would remove all numbers to get people back to following music with their ears and heart. We should use these tools to discover new weird things and not just follow numbers like sheep. In a way I think that ruined the randomness of discovery that digital tools should be enhancing.

gigmit: How did you manage/are you trying to reach international audiences?
Love Ssega: Luckily my music doesn’t fit into any scene or fad, so I feel it does well internationally. I write my songs with this in mind, after all my family is from Uganda in East Africa, I grew up in Europe, and I studied an Asian language from the age of 10 to 16. I think people see these influences in my music or interviews, so of course when I get offers to play in Seoul, South Korea or Lake of Stars, Malawi, then of course I'm there. Then when promoters see I travel, they also reach out to book me, so it grows.

gigmit: Have you ever thought of putting your music in commercials, films or video games? What is your feeling about it?
Love Ssega: The first proper song I wrote - Mozart’s House with Clean Bandit - got synced by Gucci’s app, so after that I was all in. My solo tracks have had some cool TV syncs, so absolutely, waiting for those big money commercials to come in! My music is to be heard!

gigmit: How did you find your manager/agency/label?
Love Ssega: My story is a bit different in that I had started a band, left to finish a PhD and then they released a track that went Top 20 in the UK. Therefore, I guess some people in the industry knew of me, however, I think your team comes to you rather than going out hunting. Take opportunities no matter small or big and then someone will find you. Find the right people too - my booking agents are fantastic, so I can get on with releasing music myself and the rest, I guess I’m sort of smart to push my career where I want it to go.

gigmit: Who makes the booking with you and how does he/she find it?
Love Ssega: Like I said, my booking agents over at ITB are great - I like to do gigs that challenge and they’re up for any task. From sorting a performance at the British Ambassador’s Palace in Paris to a buzzy pub gig in the North of England, they can sort it. However I feel, we have a chat and somehow they make it happen. They’re careful to make sure I do creative gigs, but not overexpose as we’re building a long career, not a flash in the pan. I want to headline main stages of mega festivals.

gigmit: What do you use gigmit for and how do you find it helpful?
Love Ssega: I was nominated for INES Talent so have used Gigmit to sign up. Seems like a useful thing to have, especially for artists with no team at all.

gigmit: From your experience, what are good ways for new bands/artists to start making money with their music?
Love Ssega: Start doing merch early. And if you want to be a touring band, make sure you invest in your live set up as soon it will pay off, and pay off big. I love live music, so that’s all I care about pretty much. Give the people a show.

You can listen to Love Ssega, watch his videos and have a look at his tour dates here!

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