How To Land A Sync Deal

In 9 Steps

To begin: Landing a sync is hard.
Remember trying to motivate yourself to do more than one sit up in a day (said ‘one’ being when you ‘sit up’ in bed in the morning to grab the phone by your bedside to check Twitter)? Harder than that. Remember trying to learn all the dance moves to Spice Girls‘ Stop whilst also singing Mel C’s falsetto parts? Harder than that. Remember trying to think of a third humorous simile of something that is difficult to do in the introduction to your latest blog? Harder than that.

The good news is the internet is a wonderful place full of free advice which will help you in your quest. If you follow these points you will be proverbially furlongs ahead of your nearest sync rivals (which is nearly *everyone* in the recorded music industry by the way – fun fact for you there).
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