5 tips on how to sell more tickets

1. Publish the ticket release dates

It’s very important to create a post announcing the day when ticket sales will start for each show separately. Tell your fans not only when you’ll be playing in which town, but also exactly when they can start buying tickets. Don’t forget to post regular updates and to keep your fans in the loop.

2. Set up a countdown for each individual show

This doesn’t mean that you need to keep posting your itinerary, together with a boring countdown. Nah, it needs a bit more pizazz than that. When you have gigs coming up, it’s important to promote each individual show in a creative way. So go ahead and post regularly on your social media channels about when and where you’ll hit the stage.

3. “Only a few tickets left”

You must have surely read this loads of times. And you hurried to snag the last available tickets, didn’t you? You did indeed. This tactic – or rather this trick – works, every. single. time. If nothing else, it will sound the alarm for fans who don’t want to pass up on a chance to see you perform live.

4. Sale! Sale! Sale!

You don’t need to do that for every gig. Have a think in advance, pick the ones that are, in your opinion, the “best”, and announce a sale for each of them. Talk to the promoter or the ticket sales agent and arrange to sell some of the tickets at a reduced price. Even a small discount can get your fans’ attention.

5. Be open and keep it real!

Openness is the best way to reach your fans. Even if that doesn’t make you look like the most successful and awesome artist in the world. There’s nothing wrong with asking your fans for a little support and prompting them to buy some tickets. After all, they want to stand by you, and they will hopefully understand how tough it is to be a struggling independent musician.

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