How to play every show like a pro!

Rider agreements/Contract

Every professional band has a so-called “rider agreement”. This contract should be as detailed as possible, and it must absolutely cover the following points:

  • Fee & payment
  • Where & when
  • Set duration
  • Venue equipment


It’s got to be said: something always goes wrong at the last minute. A bandmate will arrive too late, or you’ll be stuck in traffic. So be ready well in advance and make sure there’s enough time for everything. That means: find out how long you need to get to the venue and how long everything else will take – for example, soundcheck, setting, etc. Plan enough time for everything.

Set up your merch stand

It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer or if you’ve already made a name for yourself. The fact remains: you need to have your merch at the ready.

Hang up those banners

A banner can have a huge effect. After all, it represents you and your band, and shows who you are. It will attract the attention of new fans and get them interested in you. Pay attention to legibility and design, and hang it up on stage and by your merch stand.

Make your contact details available

Fans don’t just want to know you – they also want to stay in touch with you. So leave out a mailing list for people who want to get your newsletter, and have some business cards to hand. Still don’t have any? It’s about time you got some!

Create a great Press Kit

You should already have that, complete with all the important information. A professional Press Kit is a very big advantage, especially when you are applying for gigs. It must absolutely include the following:

  • live material,
  • press articles, reviews, etc.,
  • a short bio,
  • photos,
  • songs,
  • contact details,
  • upcoming tour dates

To do lists/checklists

Before you get going, make a checklist for each gig that you’re playing. Write down all the important steps you need to take, and make a list of all the equipment you’ll need to have in place. Check everything again and again, and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. You’ll find that a list like that can spare you lots of stress and give you an overview of everything important.

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