7 tips on how to earn money with your music

And that brings us to the next question: what sort of fee can you charge for playing a gig? It really depends on the promoters and the size of the venue. The bigger the crowd, the higher the amount of takings. The fees that you can charge depend on whether you’re professionals or just starting out. If you’re new to the game, you shouldn’t charge fees that are too high. The motto to remember here is “Every gig counts!”

1. Cooperate with other musicians

Have you ever considered working with other musicians – for example writing or composing/producing for them? It would help you make money faster than you think – for example through the GEMA share you would receive as the arranger/composer. In this way you would be selling your product.

2. Digital Distribution

In the digital age you should also consider how best to share your latest single or EP with the world. Portals like iTunes, or TheOrchard make it possible! Go ahead and add your songs to digital stores so that everyone can have access to them.

3. Merch!

It’s no secret that audio recordings don’t sell as well as they used to. So get some cool merch to make up for it! Be creative and develop some original designs and motifs. You’ve got two options to sell them: either after the gig or online. The website spreadshirt.de allows you to share the profits when someone orders something via your website. And you don’t need to spend anything in advance.

4. Manage other musicians

Why don’t you take other musicians under your wings? As an artist, you already know how stressful performances can be. Everyone wants something and nothing goes right. No problem – this is where you come in. By becoming a tour manager and accompany bands on their tours, you’ll take care of everything for them. And in return you can charge, or rather you should charge a set fee.

5. Ticketing

You’ve got your own homepage? You’re going on tour? You’ve got some cool gigs lined up? Then sell the tickets for your concerts via your own website. You just need a special ticketing system that you can add to your homepage using a special plugin.

6. Crowdfunding

If you want to bring out your next album, or you still need equipment or items for your stage, why not try to fund them via crowdfunding platforms such as Musicstarter. You’ll be amazed at how many people are prepared to back your project.

7. Produce remixes

You want to be creative? Then get to it! You have the material - you can be as creative as you like with it, and get to make some money in the process!

To sum up: try to get general contract work, licenced merchandising, lots of gigs and music sales. Good luck!

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