Every gig counts!

  • Practice and experience

Performing lots can only improve your presence on stage. You can always improve what didn’t work last time during your next performance – it’s a continuous development process. It’s a good idea to test how you come across to your audience. Did you get too little attention? Should you perhaps work on your interaction with the crowd? The list goes on… It doesn’ t matter whether your experiences are positive or negative. The truth is: they all help you to develop as an artist!

  • Make contacts

Playing live also means that you’ll network and make new contacts that can develop your career in the music industry. You might meet other musicians who want to collaborate, or a producer who wants to work on your next EP, or promoters who want to book you for their next event... Make sure to always have your business cards with you!

  • Ka-ching!

And don’t forget the fee! It’s true that not every gig is going to make you megabucks. But it shouldn’t matter whether you earn just €50 or €500. Don’t let the fee scare you from accepting gigs. At the end of the day, it’s the experience that really counts.

  • "Get out of the rehearsal room!"

Ok, so you’ve put in time at the studio? You’re doing everything possible for your project? Then you should take the plunge, get out of the studio, share your songs with the people, and work on your brand awareness. Aim primarily to play gigs at city and street festivals, or clubs in your region. Once you’ve been seen and heard by the public, you’ll be able try the next level of performance. Only those who live plays can gain new fans! Once again, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re playing for 5 or 500 people. Practice makes perfect!

Try to perform on your local television and radio stations. This will allow you to reach many new fans and get interesting material for your website or references. You probably won’t get rich through such performances, but it’s primarily about the music and the passion, not the money.

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