"Be true to yourself and try to spend some time everyday on the things you love"

To be a musician takes a lot of drive and passion. How has it been for you? When and why did you reach the decision to make your own music?

I grew up never really thinking that people could accually become an artist, it just didnt cross my mind. I was born in a small town called Húsavík with apr 2000 people and I was just gonna be a vet or a farmer , loved animals and still do. When I moved to the capital I got into dj-ing at school and collecting vinyl records, mainly hip hop and later on trip hop. During high school I was doing electronic music but always as a hobby. It wasnt until 4 years ago that I firmly got determined to BE an artist, well at least live my life artisticly :) and so I spend most of my free time doing something creative, even if i dont feel highly inspired. It was a complete shift in focus from looking at it as a hobby to feeling it as my job/way of live.

More and more full-time musicians are playing on a part-time basis. Without having a steady job, many musicians simply can’t pay their bills. How do you deal with this issue? Can you make a living from your music?

What I've done is to focus on what makes me happy and content in life. So financial security for me and my family is part of that, and I teach electronic music as well as soing my own music. Over the years I've found a balance between these two and I get inspired teaching others. So not having the pressure of "making it" you get more freedom in your art. But at the same time I spend much more time at my music then my job ,but without any money worries. Of course it would be more productive to be able to spend all my time doing music and maybe some day that will be the case

Self-promotion, building up a fanbase, networking, getting booked etc - the to-do-list of any DIY musician is really long. How do you manage to organise everything at the same time? Do you have any tips and tricks?

Well I don't really have the time for all the self promotion but I try my best. I sign up to booking sites like gigmit and apply for gigs that seem interesting. Im really lazy doing the socials except instagram which i use once in a while and I try to keep facebook updated as well. If im releasing something then I contact interesting music blogs but the main energy goes into the music and the live performance but I completely agree that artist need to do alot of promotion it's just so boring, but fortunatly there are people who love this kinda stuff who give advice and help and are great at their job.

How did you become known on gigmit? How and where does gigmit help you out?

Well I have no idea whatsever about how that happened but I love the layout of gigmit and I try to follow up on the music festivals, especially the showcase festivals which are good to get to know people in the music bis. At the same time I live in Iceland so I chose carefully what I apply for cause it takes alot of money, energy and time to travel from here.

What would you recommend to other musicians?

Find your own sound, be true to yourself and try to spend some time everyday on the things you love.

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