Ruth Koleva

Gigmit: What style of music do you play?
Ruth: I do electronic/acid jazz/soul. I like experimenting, my first jam were on Drum&Bass which was my first teenage love.

Gigmit: who are you musical or live-show role models/influences?
Ruth: I love Erykah badu live. I like rock concerts, I like hip-hop concerts. It’s all about the energy and the connection with the audience.

Gigmit: When and how did your band form?
Ruth: We started playing 10 years ago. I met a bass player at a party who was like “we just lost our vocalist, who got signed to a major and couldn’t sing with a band anymore” and I was like “I will take her place”, and so it was. 10 years later, we’re still going strong.

Gigmit: How did you find your band name and does it stand for something?
Ruth: We are Ruth Koleva & The Fingertones. Fingertone is the name of our keyboard player who’s the musical director of the project.

Gigmit: What is your band motto?
Ruth: We ain’t really got one but we joke around that our name should be “Orchestra Horoscope” because we are all born around month of April under the star sign of Aries. That basically means that we go out celebrating and drinking every other day, once April kicks in.

Gigmit: When you are not on tour or in the studio, what do you mostly do?
Ruth: We have our own lives. Everyone has their own hobbies, and we’ve learned to respect each other and get along as a band. I like cooking, Filip (Mr. Fingertone) likes football, Bogi (our drummer) likes cars and computers and Kozmo (bass player) produces music in his bedroom.

Gigmit: When and how was your first live gig ever? Which live show will you never forget and why - your own or another live-act?
Ruth: Our first show was in a radio hall in Bulgaria on 31st December 2008. Live streamed. I was super scared, but it turned out to be a great show. Surprisingly. My favourite concert was my first concert with Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. I sold out the hall weeks before the show. It was our first time doing something so massive and I will never forget the moment I saw the standing ovation of the audience at the end. I remember thinking “it’s all worth it”.

Gigmit: How do/did you prepare for the tour?
Ruth: We usually get very excited to get on the road, but we realize that the long drives between shows will be super exhausting. We discuss the driving shifts and always keep snacks and good music playing. That’s the life!

Gigmit: Do you have any tips for other artists?
Ruth: Yeah guys, the most important part of being in a band is actually having fun. You’ll never survive if you fight over stupid shit and if you don’t respect each others’ differences. After being on tour a few times I can honestly say that I understand why so many bands break up - it’s super important to keep your ego in check, and have a laugh when obstacles inevitably arrive.

Gigmit: What are your personal must haves on tour?
Ruth: Power bank, a book, my writing materials and music for the bus.

Gigmit: What’s on your tour playlist?
Ruth: Playlist, well, what we do is when we get together for the drive everybody brings in some stuff that we’ve heard over the past weeks and we play that on the bus. The person whose stuff we like best gets a drink, the person whose stuff we don’t like gets to buy the drinks. We think that’s fair :)

Gigmit: What can people who come to see you play live expect?
Ruth: High energy, sassy tunes, positive attitude, and a great band. In terms of set list, we’re going to play new music from my upcoming album, as well as tracks from my previous release Confidence.Truth, the one that was shortlisted for a Grammy nomination. So the best from what has been released previously and brand new music. You will have a very soulful evening. We guarantee it!

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