Gigmit: Let us know who you are and where you're from.
R.U.A.: R.U.A. (Royal Unknown Artist) is a young artist and songwriter coming from Bucharest, Romania. A project with a mission. R.U.A. chose music as her means of expression. With a beautiful touch of combining two concepts that seem contradictory: unknown and royal. But that is the real fact of life: each person is royal, an unseen and maybe undiscovered quality that doesn’t need to be proven. A royal touch to all of the unknowns out there. It’s what R.U.A. discovered on her way and decided to express thru her music.

Gigmit: What style of music do you play?
R.U.A.: Pop/ pop rock / avantgarde/ alternative.

Gigmit: Describe your music in 3 words.
R.U.A.: Our own mark: Soulful, lyric and uplifting.

Gigmit: When and how did your band form?
R.U.A.: R.U.A. is Minola Szikszai the lead singer and songwriter of this project that at first had a full female instrument players formula. After one year of experience she decided to end the cooperation and search for people sharing the R.U.A. vision. After connecting with bass player Mike Dragomir after a recommendation, he brought drummer Andu Nanut to the project and after a while they found Vlad Nicolici the guitarist so they could settle and go further performing. They consider chemistry and universal laws bringing them together when they were all in search for the same thing.

Gigmit: How did you find to your band name and does it stand for something?
R.U.A.: R.U.A. stands for Royal Unknown Artist as described in the first question. It came up as a statement to let every fellow musician know that, regardless of gender, skin colour, nationality, appearance, personal or political views, past or present experience or lifestyle, every and single one is royal by simply existing. By simply being a unique and talented spirit under the sky, with a personal touch on the work they are doing. Though unknown, every artist can contribute to the beauty of life and its music. By sharing their dreams, their way.
R.U.A. means also “path”, “street”. So follow your RUA !

Gigmit: What is your band motto?
R.U.A.: Nothing but love.

Gigmit: Your musical or live-show role models / influences?
R.U.A.: Well our musical background is very different and various. We were raised with blues, rock, punk, ska. We also currently listen to different sounds and music. I think everything we do comes from this melange and from a personal touch. When it comes to the album “Transcendent Love” the songwriting was inspired by Morcheeba, Pink, Jesse Glyne, Jessie J, Amy Whinehouse, Sia. When it comes to our newest single like “I know you’re listening” we could very well think at Lorde.
Everything you hear on the recorded materials is brought up in the live performance into a show that is inspired from the sound of 30 Seconds to Mars, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Paramore. It could sound so very different. We always say that you can’t point and say our music sounds like this and that. You should come and hear us. You’ll feel that journey as I said in the lower part of the interview.

Gigmit: What do you do when your a not on tour or in the studio?
R.U.A.: Vlad (guitar) is an actor so he performs in several theatre plays and musicals. Mike (bass) is a huge fan of car racing and you can find him on the racing tracks or building his own cars. Andu (drums) is currently studying for Med University.
Minola (lead vocal) is a former lawyer in intellectual property but she obviously stopped practicing so currently her free time is based on sports like snowboarding, surfing, yachting owning a concept named THE HOOK that mixes leisure, party and sports into holidays in both seasons.
Common activities behind the scenes are movie times, live shows of fellow musicians and a lot of planning.

Gigmit: How did you get your own DYKNOW Tour, do you have any tips for other artists?
R.U.A.: Every gig and tour has behind a huge work of research in discovering new collabs and booking agents that believe in the project. It is all about finding the right people to work with. We discovered Gigmit and we went further with our collab.
The best tip is to persevere in your work and establish more than you think you can do. When it comes to tours being organised and professional both in mind set and business increases results.

Gigmit: How do/did you prepare for the tour?
R.U.A.: Besides the artistic part of the show (Rehearsals, show storyline, technical riders, sound and appearance etc.) we got involved in all the aspects starting from organising the trip and getting a tour caravan to establishing partnerships with our supporting brands like Telekom, Eximtur, Kodi Professional Romania, Rentacamper.ro and our local media Radio Romania Timisoara.

Gigmit: What are you looking forward to most on tour? Which city/venue?
R.U.A.: We look forward to live each experience as it comes. We fully live each day at a time. They will all bring us new vibes, new energy and definitely the enlightenment and inspiration we are looking for.

Gigmit: What’s on your tour playlist?
R.U.A.: During this tour the audience will hear our album “Transcendent Love”, singles like “I know you’re listening” and “Long time honey” and gift tracks from the new unreleased yet album. So they will be the first to listen our upcoming music. They should not miss it !

Gigmit: What are your personal must haves on tour?
R.U.A.: As far as I am concerned (Minola) I need my phone, my sunglasses and eyeglasses, my tour pillow and my vocal treatments, all the rest is manageable. Boys don’t need much if they have the fun ingredients. Andu (drums) will surely bring his dressing gown!

Gigmit: What can people who come to see you play live expect?
R.U.A.: They will hopefully feel more than simply hear! We hope the audience will jump on our journey. They should come and see us since it’s hard to describe a live show ! You can’t download that experience! It must be felt!

You can listen to R.U.A, watch her videos and have a look at her tour dates on gigmit.com/royal-unknown-artist!

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