5 things that drive promoters crazy

1. Late arrivals

Nothing is more annoying for an event running on a tight schedule than the late arrival of a heavily publicised band – or parts thereof. This just leaves that the on-location team is sitting around and getting more and more pissed off by the minute.

2. Radio silence

“The person you are calling is currently unavailable” – and now the first band’s backline can’t be set up. It really sucks when none of the other acts are available either.

3. No tech rider

Technicians love it when a band with no tech rider shows up. They get so excited by the extra work caused by last minute demands (“Erm, did we mention that we also need a piano on stage?”) that they might just throw in a free hug.

4. Drunk on stage

You had one job! Seriously man, if you think you’re Lemmy and decide to run around on stage like a whiskey bottle on legs, you’ve got it all wrong. Nobody wants to see a hammered musician perform who can’t even hold up his instrument.

5. No invoice

Not only is this annoying for the promoter – it’s also not in your band’s best interest. No invoice, no dough.

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