Interview with Coals

gigmit: First of all: thanks for your time! When and why did you reach the decision to make your own music?

Łukasz: I remember that time well. It’s period when i was something about 16/17 years old. I used to watch YouTube videos where people were making music out of field recording samples, live looping instruments, samples from old cartoons (Pogo), etc. I thank God that i was born in times when we have computers and we are able to do complex, very difficult 20 years ago things on our own (ex. music production).

Kacha: It all started when I was in the high school. I used to love singing and playing guitar. I made my own arrangements of famous songs, but then I had problems with creating true music. I was so shy and and I thought I am unexceptional at it. Creating covers was my cool hobby, nice break from boring school and it was enough for me at those times. I started dreaming about making music after school-leaving examination. I composed “Shatterd mirrors” on piano but I knew it’s too simply, too raw and I needed a help of the producer. Exactly I waited for a stroke of good luck and suddenly Lukasz came.

gigmit: Where do you feel comfortable about doing music? Small stages? Big stages?

Łukasz: Mostly it depends on audience attitude to the show and whole night. If there are many people at the show and they talk a lot, we prefer small cozy places with only true listeners who came for music.

Kacha: I prefer bigger stages in the darkness, amongst the fog. I feel more comfortable when I don’t see the audience and when the stage isn’t so close to people. I love when we can meet with our true listeners. Then the stage just doesn’t matter.

gigmit: What is your motivation and inspiration to get out there and show your skills and share your music?

Łukasz: I can say that my inspirations only motivate me to do what i’m doing now. I know that every time when i have period of time when i’m overworked and don’t have any ideas for new music it ends just on time when i listen to some new found music that inspires me a lot. It is like bolt of good energy. When it comes i want to do my stuff instantly and don’t stop for long time.

gigmit: When it comes to your fans: how do you build up your fanbase? Any secrets to get more fans?

Łukasz: I think that you need to be true, straight and honest with your fans. That’s the way that we choose. You can also build your fanbase with good networking, PR which continues as wide advertising your band to potential listeners. Of course there’s always a question. If you want to catch an eye or the ears of listener. The clue is to catch the eye as well as ear.

Kacha: We try to do everything by our own. I mean we care about visual aspects and image in social media. When we have to work with other people we try to have control over the collaborated project.

gigmit: How did you discover gigmit?

Łukasz: I saw gigmit on some google ad for the first time. Then they wrote to us some mail with an offer, and yeah, that’s how we played many concerts.

Kacha: Our manager said that he knows some online portal which simplifies the gig booking process and where you can be noticed abroad.

gigmit: What do you appreciate most? And is there anything you would change?

Łukasz: I like that it’s very easy with gigmit to find gigs that you want. You just need to scroll through many offers which are presented in the same clear way and chose the ones that you liked. It’s very simple.

gigmit: You were booked for the Halfway Festival in Poland through gigmit. How was the experience for you to play there?

Łukasz: The organisation at the day of the show wasn’t special. I mean that it wasn’t different than other shows. But it was so much easier with arranging it. Even everything was organised and prepared before on gigmit.

gigmit: How long did you work on your upcoming album? What was the inspiration for that? And do you have any tips, if it comes to songwriting and producing songs at the studio?

Łukasz: We didn’t make it in specific time. We built this album out of pieces that i made when i was inspired by artists/songs from different genres. Once i was folk psycho, and year later hip hop addict. When we wanted to end the album, we sat down and choose pieces that we like the most. We remade it, returned, remixed, did everything to fit it in our music mind at the time. Kasia invented theme for the album - it’s „childhood”. So everything is somehow connected to the time when we were small. For example some songs are like film reel which shows pictures blended with emotions that are connected with childhood, while some other songs describe real events/phenomenons which are hidden in lyrics and sounding of the song.

Kacha: When we started working on our debut album I was inspired by rap music and I wanted to do songs with rap beats combined with dreamy low reverb vocals. This interesting combo we can find in art by Blue Hawaii, Spooky Black or JJ. My aim was singing differently than in our earlier songs - more balanced, more in soul style, lower. When it comes to the content we discussed a lot. It was really interesting drive through our childhood. I read a lot of books about Poland in 90’s and 00’s to bring back memories and to create a picture in words.

gigmit: What would you recommend to other musicians?

Łukasz: Be yourself, always search for new innovative stuff in your mind, and respect the audience.

Kacha: Try to find your own language in music. Don’t copy, but continue what you like to listen to.

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