Whether with guitar, piano accompaniment or other instruments: singer-songwriters value your event emotionally with touching lyrics and dreamy melodies.

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Here you can find a small selection of the Singer-Songwriter on With this pre-selection, we would like to get a first idea of what singer-songwriters can be found on gigmit.

Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Folk
Derby, GB
Live Artist
794 Fans
She Drew The Gun
Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Pop, Psychedelic, Dark-Pop, Indie
Merseyside, GB
Live Artist
4,924 Fans
Jakob Mayer
Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Pop, Comedy, Deutsche Texte, Live-Looping
Mannheim, DE
Live Artist
929 Fans
Jesse Ritch
Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Funk, R&B
Neuenegg, CH
Live Artist
45,763 Fans
Som Vinter
Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Folk, Producer, Indie
London, GB
Live Artist
133 Fans
Orlando Dees
Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Folk Rock, Alternative Rock, Spanish
Madrid, ES
Live Artist
213 Fans
Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Electro, Electropop
Wien , AT
Live Artist
312 Fans
I am Korny
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Country
Stuttgart, DE
Live Artist
1,487 Fans
Ciizar D.
Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Cover, Ballade, Original, Live-Looping
Heroldstatt, DE
Live Artist
25 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic, Jazz, soul/jazz
Mannheim, DE
Live Artist
1,017 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Urban Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Worldmusic, New Folk
Live Artist
6,994 Fans
Bevan Soga
Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Acoustic Pop, Melodic, Indie
London, GB
Live Artist
408 Fans
Markus Funke
Singer/Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Acoustic Pop, Cover, Acoustic Rock
Osterode am Harz, DE
Live Artist
786 Fans
Bastian Lee Jones
Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Acoustic Pop, Rock, Melodic, Piano Rock, Piano
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
12,514 Fans
Sherika Sherard
Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Folk, Acoustic, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Acoustic Pop, Soul, lyrical
London, GB
Live Artist
8,232 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Pop, Funk, Acoustic Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, Soul
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,204 Fans
Songwriter, Pop, Rock, Melodic, Garage Rock
Fonte Nuova, IT
Live Artist
1,917 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Pop, Cover, Electropop
Düsseldorf, DE
Live Artist
141 Fans
Goldilocks Planet
Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Acoustic Pop, Acoustic Rock, DeutschPop, Deutsche Texte, Indie
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
170 Fans
Lukas Dolphin
Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Britpop, Postrock, Indie, Pop, Acoustic, Unplugged, Alternative, Folk
Hannover, DE
Live Artist
377 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Pop, Britpop, Rock, DeutschPop, Deutsche Texte
Mainz, DE
Live Artist
1,271 Fans
Natascha Bell
Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Blues Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Acoustic Pop, Britpop, Rock, Indie
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
2,208 Fans
Jana Berwig
Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Acoustic Pop, Songwriter
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
416 Fans
Toni Hoffmann
Singer/Songwriter, Liedermacher, Acoustic Pop
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
3,742 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Acoustic Pop, Folk Pop, Roots Rock
Köln, DE
Live Artist
2,225 Fans
Angelo Romano
Singer/Songwriter, Folk-Punk, Acoustic Rock, Antifolk, Indie
Utrecht, NL
Live Artist
235 Fans
Erik Moilanen
Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Electro, Melodic, Soundtrack - Film
Stollberg, DE
Live Artist
302 Fans
Liedermacher, Singer/Songwriter, Hip Hop, Deutsche Texte
berlin, DE
Live Artist
453 Fans
Charles M. Mailer
Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Blues Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Rock ’n’ Roll, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Cover, Boogie, Groove, Piano, Southern Rock
Würzburg, DE
Live Artist
2,427 Fans
Phil Cooper
Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Acoustic Pop, Acoustic Rock, Folk Pop
Westbury, GB
Live Artist
890 Fans
Fah Off
Singer/Songwriter, Electro, Post Indie, Indietronics, Britpop, Folk Pop, Alternative Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Acoustic Pop, Indiepop, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock
Soest, DE
Live Artist
257 Fans
Select Captain
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Indiepop, Alternative Country, Country
Copenhagen, DK
Live Artist
1,674 Fans
Marley Wildthing
Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Pop, Folk Pop, Indie
Prague, CZ
Live Artist
204 Fans
Joel Havea
Singer/Songwriter, Blues, Soul, Groove, Roots Reggae
Hamburg, DE
Live Artist
2,793 Fans
Simon Benjamin
Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Acoustic Pop
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
312 Fans
sleepwalker's station
Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Indiepop, Acoustic, Acoustic Rock
Berlín, DE
Live Artist
1,501 Fans
Robby Ballhause
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic
Hannover, DE
Live Artist
742 Fans
Henrik Belden
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Alternative Country
Luzern, CH
Live Artist
3,918 Fans
Seth Elton
Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Acoustic, Melodic
London, GB
Live Artist
283 Fans
Zilli Henneberg
Liedermacher, House, Schlager, Techno, Ska, Hip Hop, Reggae, Deutsche Texte, Surf
Großrudestedt, DE
Live Artist
366 Fans
Maxwell Watts
Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Rock, Cover, Original, Indie
Manchester, GB
Live Artist
255 Fans
Mani Leik
Singer/Songwriter, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Rock
Vienna, AT
Live Artist
Gavin Mart
Singer/Songwriter, Alternative, Acoustic Pop, Melodic, Folk Pop
Llandudno, GB
Live Artist
622 Fans
Michael Hardie
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Blues, Folk, Roots, Country
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
705 Fans
Emma Longard
Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Pop, Soul, Electropop
Hamburg, DE
Live Artist
3,727 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Urban Folk, Blues, Folk, Rock, Melodic, New Folk, Folk Pop, folk-blues
Frankfurt, DE
Live Artist
213 Fans
Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Acoustic Pop, Alternative Rock, Cover, Acoustic Rock, Indie
Wiesbaden, DE
Live Artist
2,800 Fans
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