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What is better for dancing and celebrating as Schlager music? Find with us the best Schlager bands for your event!

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Our Schlager bands
Here you will find a small selection of the hit bands on With this pre-selection, we would like to give you a first idea of what bands can be found on gigmit.

Rex Kaiser & die Schlagerholme
Schlager, Cover
Linsengericht, DE
Live Artist
194 Fans
Da Janker und die Haferlschua
Volksmusik, Austropop, Deutschrock, Schlager, Rock
Ruhstorf , DE
Live Artist
552 Fans
Sandra und Susan
Schlager, Pop, Schlager, Cover, Party
Bernsbach, DE
Live Artist
610 Fans
Schlager, Acoustic, Party, DeutschPop, Partymusik
Bocholt, DE
Live Artist
8,669 Fans
Daniel Malheur
Chanson, Cabaret, Schlager, Jazz, Cover
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,067 Fans
Trio 67, Chanson, Mazurka, Klezmer
Chanson, Klezmer, Gypsy Swing
Münster, DE
Live Artist
84 Fans
Saskia Leppin
Schlager, Pop, Charts, Cover, Deutsch
Hamburg, DE
Live Artist
3,372 Fans
Le Cardamomò
Rome, IT
Live Artist
2,337 Fans
Max Weyers
Düsseldorf, DE
Live Artist
575 Fans
Chanson, Pop, Jazz, Cover
Leipzig, DE
Live Artist
246 Fans
Schlager, Pop, Cover
Bielefeld, DE
Live Artist
200 Fans
Mundart, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Traditional
Kayl, LU
Live Artist
2,367 Fans
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