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Here you will find a small selection of the pop musicians on gigmit.com. With this pre-selection, we would like to present a first idea of what pop musicians can be found on gigmit.

Toni Kraus & Band
DeutschPop, Liveact , Singer/Songwriter, Deutschrock, Pop
Schwarzenberg, DE
Live Artist
4,618 Fans
Mamba Beat
Electropop, Pop, Synthiepop, Techno, Rock, Electro, Indie
Bilbao, ES
Live Artist
3,595 Fans
Alternative Pop, Hip Hop, Groove, Indie, Electropop
Nancy, FR
Live Artist
3,061 Fans
DeutschPop, Dubstep, Rap, Drum ’n’ Bass, Pop, Hip Hop, DeutschPop, Deutsche Texte
Hannover, DE
Live Artist
1,830 Fans
Simon Goodlife
Pop, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Pop, Punk, Rock, Chanson, Power Pop, Entertainer
München, DE
Live Artist
1,340 Fans
Access Icarus
Pop, Alternative, Alternative Pop, Artrock, Britpop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Spacerock, Britrock
Hamburg, DE
Live Artist
1,054 Fans
Donna Ares and The Band
Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Piano, Solo, One Man Band
Odense, DK
Live Artist
204,564 Fans
Andrei Vesa
Acoustic Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Melodic, Folk Pop
Erfurt, DE
Live Artist
9,412 Fans
Power Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelia
Live Artist
6,826 Fans
Electropop, House, Bass Music, Electro, Electronic, Electronic Rock
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
6,078 Fans
Charly Bravo
DeutschPop, Rap, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, Nu-Disco, Electropop
München, DE
Live Artist
5,762 Fans
Keye Katcher
Pop, Dance, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), House, Soul
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
5,422 Fans
Synthiepop, Pop, Synthiepop, Electro, Electronic, Gothic, Dark Electro, Dark Techno, Dark-Pop, Electropop
Lotte, DE
Live Artist
4,048 Fans
The Circle
Indiepop, Alternative Pop, Indiepop, Pop, Indie
Torino, IT
Live Artist
3,956 Fans
Blue Metal Rose
Indiepop, Alternative Pop, Indiepop, Electro, Electropop
Oberhausen, DE
Live Artist
3,579 Fans
Fond Of Rudy
Indiepop, Alternative, Pop, Rock, Indie
Brighton, GB
Live Artist
3,301 Fans
Global Pop, Electro Percussive Beats, Dubstep, Pop, Breakbeat, Worldbeat, Electro, Electronic
Leipzig, DE
Live Artist
3,063 Fans
Indiepop, Alternative Pop, Alternative Rock, Indie, Electropop
Barcelona, ES
Live Artist
2,186 Fans
Electropop, Classical Crossover, Electro, Melodic, Latin-Fusion
Vienna, AT
Live Artist
2,147 Fans
The Jooles
Pop, Disco, Rock, Soul, Indie
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
2,032 Fans
Und wieder Oktober
Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Pop, Rock, DeutschPop
Köln, DE
Live Artist
1,703 Fans
Lane Of Lion
Pop, Blues, Alternative, Psychedelic Rock, Country, Folk Rock, Folk Pop, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, Alternative Folk, Psychedelic, Alternative Country, Indie, Indiepop, Folk
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,481 Fans
Illegal Boys
Acoustic Pop, Liedermacher, Americana, Urban Folk, Liveact , Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Schlager, Ska, Reggae, Cover, Unplugged, Live, Worldmusic, Party, Tanzmusik, Oldschool, Streetrock, Partymusik, Gypsy Swing, WESTERN SWING
Bydgoszcz / Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,420 Fans
Pop, Pop, Britpop, Rock, Stoner Rock
Lyon, FR
Live Artist
1,377 Fans
Pop, Urban Folk, Folk, Rock, Ska
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,313 Fans
Electropop, Electronica, Alternative Rock, Electronic Indie
london, GB
Live Artist
1,291 Fans
Cheetah Brava
Electropop, Electro, Worldmusic, Tropical, Dance Music
Barcelona, ES
Live Artist
1,291 Fans
Alexandra Janzen
Pop, Rock, Chanson, Melodic, German
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
1,222 Fans
Flowers In Syrup
Alternative Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock
Stuttgart, DE
Live Artist
1,095 Fans
Pop, Dance, Jazz, ETHNIC, Electropop
Bonnevoie, LU
Live Artist
1,024 Fans
Pop, Rock
Potsdam, DE
Live Artist
958 Fans
Indiepop, Britpop, Rock, Alternative Rock
Bilthoven, NL
Live Artist
951 Fans
Tante Doktor
Pop, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Comedy
Gi, DE
Live Artist
926 Fans
Lean Bravo
Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Rock, Soul
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
842 Fans
The Recalls
Britpop, Cover, Alternative Rock, Indie, Psychedelic Rock, Live, Britpop, Rock, Psychedelic, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Rock ’n’ Roll, Mod, Pop, Garage Rock, Beat Musik, Folk Rock
Berlin /Stuttgart, DE
Live Artist
837 Fans
Electropop, Blues, Pop, Electro, Electronic Indie
Köln, DE
Live Artist
702 Fans
Postpop, Rock, Electronic, Fingerstyle, Live-Looping
Wien, AT
Live Artist
789 Fans
Francisco Navarro
Folk Pop, Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Rock, New Country
Osnabrück, DE
Live Artist
641 Fans
Dream Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Loop artist, Live-Looping, Electropop
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
629 Fans
Experimental Pop, Nu Jazz, Noisepop, Avantgarde Pop, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Synthiepop, Jazz, Rock, Alternative Rock, Psychedelic, Art-Pop, Dark-Pop, Indie
Darmstadt, DE
Live Artist
589 Fans
Anna Sharifi
Indiepop, Electronic Indie, electropop, Dark-Pop, Neo Soul
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
490 Fans
Johnethen Fuchs
Indiepop, Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Indiepop, Acoustic, Rock, Folk Pop, Indie
Dresden, DE
Live Artist
477 Fans
King LAZAR of the universe
Berlin, DE
Live Artist
463 Fans
One Smooth Evening
Pop, Latin Jazz, Blues, Jazz, Cover, Lounge Jazz Pop
Frankfurt am Main, DE
Live Artist
411 Fans
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