Elliot Oakley

Live Act Acoustic Rock Blues Singer/Songwriter Pop Melodic
Elliot Oakley - Acoustic Rock Blues Singer/Songwriter Pop Melodic Live Act in Liverpool

Elliot Oakley Short Info

A 24 year old scouser who sings, plays guitar and writes songs.
Massive Liverpool supporter too.
Like any person, I love a good performance, which is why I make sure I do my best to give one whether I'm playing in front of 2000 people or one man and a dog.
I spend too much money on clothes.
I'm the most laid back person on the planet when I'm off, but when the rehearsal room door, or the studio door closes and it's time to work, I put 100% in every day.
You won't get anywhere sailing through life.
"McCartney or Lennon?" McCartney... Just. JFT96

Past Gigs Elliot Oakley

  • 02 | 2016 Rochdale Live at The Flying Horse Hotel
  • 02 | 2016 Crewe Live at MMU Cheshire

Discography Elliot Oakley

  • 2015 Three Red Arrows Single | Downtown Artists


  • Sound The Headline
  • Sound Two In The Afternoon
  • Video LANDS - Three Red Arrows [O...

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