Elle Deva

Live Act Pop Acoustic Electronic Black & Soul Neo Soul
Elle Deva - Pop Acoustic Electronic Black & Soul Neo Soul Live Act in Germignaga

Elle Deva Short Info


Elle Deva was formed eight years ago when Italian guitarist Michele met singer/songwriter Lauren in South Africa. The two have been working together ever since, taking inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds and their strong Christian beliefs. Using the that they are culturally diverse as an advantage, making them limitless in their creative process, and even harder placing them under one genre.

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Discography Elle Deva

  • 2016 Familiar Ground EP | independent
  • 2014 RAIN ROSES EP | independent


  • Video TAKE IT ALL - Elle Deva
  • Video Elle Deva - Familiar Ground
  • Sound Attempted Love Song
  • Video Coldplay - Hymn for the Wee...
  • Video Elle Deva live at VOICE CLUB!


  • Germignaga IT


  • 2014

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