Eggs Laid By Tigers
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Eggs Laid By Tigers


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The eclectic-acoustic, electrified analog Eggs Laid By Tigers sound defies easy categorization, which is just about the best thing you say about a musical group nowadays.

And their lyrics are just about as good as you can get, because they are the startling, radiant, witty, surreal, and miraculous verse poetry of Dylan Thomas himself.

The amazing (and almost alchemical) thing about this pop-art project is that the three central singing and composing Eggs (Peter Bruun, Martin Dahl, and Jonas Westergaard) somehow rise to the high-spirited and deeply moving occasion of these great works of literature.
Hear for yourself as Eggs Laid By Tigers playfully and profoundly reel off a dizzying sequence of intimate epics, pagan hymns, funereal folk songs, blasphemous psalms, erotic ballads, stumbling waltzes, profane gospels, and sepulchral lullabies.

Mere journalistic genre signifiers like rock, jazz, folk, trad, and acid are all rendered useless (and exit weeping) when faced with the undiluted body-brain joy that an Eggs Laid By Tigers recording or concert inspires. They and their songs are, at turns, painful, funny, rousing, touching, naughty, dreamy, and brilliant ... and sometimes all at the same time.

Eggs Laid By Tigers are a singing-songwriting, working-playing jazz-folk-rock poetry trio.
Peter Bruun plays the drums and plucks the spanish guitar. Martin Dahl is on electric and acoustic guitars and other exotic guitar-like instruments. Jonas Westergaard holds down both electric and upright basses. All three of them vocalize, sometimes harmonizing beautifully and other times bashfully, but always appropriately.

Eggs Laid By Tigers take the divinely and profanely astonishing poetry of welsh verse-genius Dylan Thomas and put it to music. But unlike so many who have tried in the past, they actually do it really really well. You can hear just how well for yourself on their debut album Under The Mile Off Moon.

Eggs Laid By Tigers do what they do in Copenhagen, Denmark. But they can do it anywhere in the world they happen to be.

Eggs Laid By Tigers are totally now. Their past concerts live on in myth and memory. And their new record will last an eternity. Recorded with vintage ribbon and condensor microphones onto decades-old tape-machines, Under The Mile Off Moon both shines in wax and grooves and floats on clouds of zeros and ones.

Eggs Laid By Tigers make music with swelling hearts and quiet minds and healing hands and radiant loins. If they could be bottled, other bands would be drinking their mysterious elixer like teenagers on graduation day.

Eggs Laid By Tigers are not afraid of life-affirming challenges and boundary-pushing artcraft. They are weary of mediocrity and wary of half-measures.
They are restless and restful and wreckless and wakeful.
They are just like you.