Ed Muirhead

Live Act Blues Roots Piano
Ed Muirhead - Blues Roots Piano Live Act in Dundee

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Ed blends blues, roots, folk & rock
 and plays piano with a passion that grabs anyone in earshot. His Scottish accent and humour shine through in a varied selection of original songs about love and losing it.
He is working on a new album
 of original songs, following success with his last album "Simple Life", which saw him play all around Scotland and pick up many new fans along the way.

Discography Ed Muirhead

  • 2015 Day Job Album | Tattie Records
  • 2013 Simple Life Album | Tattie Records
  • 2011 Cage for the Clouds Album | Tattie Records


  • Video High Girders
  • Sound Ballad Of Lorraine And Frank

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