Eclipse Sol-Air

Live Act Rock Progressive Rock Psychedelic Rock
Eclipse Sol-Air - Rock Progressive Rock Psychedelic Rock Live Act in Munich

Eclipse Sol-Air Short Info

Eclipse Sol-Air play a musical mixture featuring elements from Genesis, Marillion, Pink Floyd and Dream Theater, with a touch of Rammstein and Schoenberg and Bach, in styles gothic, metal, medieval, classical, and symphonic poetry.

Rock magazine “eclipsed” wrote about Eclipse Sol-Air: '"an ensemble that, with its music, unites lovers of classical and medieval music with prog fans and friends of romantic rockers like Hölderlin…"'.


  • Video Eclipse Sol-Air- "Asylum"
  • Video Eclipse Sol-Air - Destiny O...


  • Munich DE


  • 2004


  • Philippe voc, keys, guitar
  • Mireille voc, flute
  • Myriam violin, voc
  • Melina keys, voc
  • Tobias lead-guitar
  • Marc bass
  • Dave drums, percussion

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