Eatus Fetus
DE Berlin – Alternative Rock / Cabaret / Punk / Rock
Eatus Fetus


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What the hell is Eatus Fetus?

This twisted toy box of demented musicians from the US, Britain and Germany come at you with their burning blend of punk-rock and opera with an in-your-face, fucked-up cabaret performance. Their music will touch you in your deepest, darkest places, where most dare not go.


Believe it or not, behind all the funny, fucked up lyrics, many of the band's songs send a political message, with a heavy dose of sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor to wash it down. The queer front women hit on topics like children used in warfare, corporate politics, teenage cutting, overuse of pharmaceuticals, polyamory and consent.

Who is in this twisted toy box? Well, they are the broken toys that kids left behind, and they're PISSED OFF about it. There's Sara Mouse on drums, playing loud and queer, the Glamotron on bass, a robot gone wrong, obsessed with creating beauty, Mad Hatter Gerrit on guitar, taking sips from his psychedelic tea, and Locomotive Kenny on lead, the train engineer who can never have enough speed. These guys provide the hard-rocking music, solid, fast and loud. Then there are the two decadent divas, Daria the Wunderdoll, sweet and innocent, but not for long, and Rag Doll Rachel, the angriest, sexiest collection of cloth on this planet, who has never even heard the word “taboo.”