Early Cartographers

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Early Cartographers - Acoustic Live Act in Sheffield

Early Cartographers Short Info

We are a 6 piece acoustic collective from Sheffield who rotate instruments (which include brass, strings, flute, banjo, mandolin, uke, guitars, accordion) and offer 5 part harmonies. It's emotional, dynamic, dark but ultimately uplifting stuff. We can play entirely unplugged in suitable rooms/tents or on the biggest stage you've got if you prefer. We're releasing our debut album before the summer on a small indie label.


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  • Sheffield GB


  • 2013


  • Ed Cartledge Lead vocals, guitars, uke, songwriter
  • Howard Price Cello, Violin, Backing Vox, Mandolin
  • Hannah Browne Flute, Baritone Horn, Accordion, Backing Vox
  • Nik Milne Guitar, Banjo, Backing Vox
  • Luke Wilson Banjo, Cello, Mandolin
  • Dom Lo Percussion, Backing Vox