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DJ/Vocalist of the ‘direct no messing about’ group Fun-da-mental, comes to the decks with a molotov in one hand and a sweet-smelling something in the other, loaded with musical stories and histories from every corner, regardless of tempo, style, genre or fashion.

Here, traditional music from all about takes electronica and blues for a two-step among the jungle of a dancehall. Bass notes shift space screaming punk war cries, crossfader ready to bring in ragas and radio broadcasts from Algeria via a Space Echo or delay unit. As a member of Fun-da-mental, it is expected that he does not to shy away from what needs to be said, explored, debated or challenged, even within a dj set.
Truth is, it's a bit of a sweaty affair for those within listening range, necks bruk to low slung beats and hips discolated 'cos the ancients and fresh graced us with their transcripts. From London to Kazakhstan, Malta to Serbia, Sweden to Italy, and many points and venues in-between - the typical nightclub, festival settings, to collaborations with storytellers, or museum openings, squat parties, social manifestations, his record box contains more that 'just shake yer booty', and doesn't get stuck on one groove, so to speak. The ever surrounding political and cultural elements faced on a daily basis are woven into the fabric and connected to the mixer.

Clubs | Festivals | Events
Cafe Leopold Vienna (AU) | Truth is Concrete Graz (AU) | Sfinks Festival (BE) | Cactus Brugges (BE) | Sarajevo Film Festival (BiH) | Atlantic Music Expo, (CV) | Meetfactory Prague(CZ) | Musikbunker (DE) | Uebel & Gefaehrlich (DE) | Gretchen (DE) | Ut Connewitz (DE) | Das Bett (DE) |Feierwerk (DE) | Speakeasy (DE) | KB18 (DK) | Womad Las Palmas (ES) | La Merce Barcelona (ES) | 33|45 Bar (ES) | Viñarock Festival (ES) | Keroxen (ES) | Próximos Las Palmas (ES) | Cuidad de la Música (ES) | Mojo Club (ES) | Callejon Liso (ES) | Txola (ES) | European Day of Music Lille (FR) | Button Factory - Dublin (IE) | Cyprus Avenue - Cork (IE) | Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival Rome (IT) | Maffia Club - Reggio Emilia (IT) | Statzione Leopolda, Firenze (IT) | Sounds of the Orient - Almaty (KZ) | Strange Fruit Beruit (LB) | Rotondes (LX) | Timitar Festival, Agadir (MA) | Womad Foundation Workshop (MT) | Festival of Literature & Free Speech (NO) | Clandestino Festival (SE) | Gothenborg International Film Festival (SE) | Museum of World Cultures (SE) | Sodra Teatren (SE) | Wilsonic Club (SK) | Druga Godba (SL) | Glastonbury Festival || Fabric (UK) | Effra Social | (UK) | Portobello Film Festival - London | Village Underground (UK) | Digital Activism ICA (UK) | Disgraceland - London | Usurp Gallery | Westway Studios (UK) | CBGB's (USA)

Programmed alongside the following:
Roots Manuva, Ricky Ranking, The Bug, Dälek, Gonjasufi, Skrapez, DJ Ops, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Dennis Bovell, Adrian Sherwood, El Guincho, Schlachthofbronx, Filastine, King Midas Sound, ZA!, Maxi Jazz,Colectivo +0, OswaldoH, Woodhands, Dub Phizix, Mulatu Astatke, Coldcut, DJ Mr. Benn, Asian Dub Foundation, Transglobal Underground, Underworld, Techno Animal, Rachid Taha, Rodney P, The Orb, The Moody Boyz, Mutamassik, Lowdjo, Cedric Stevens.