Duke Of Wolves

Live Act Alternative Rock
Duke Of Wolves - Alternative Rock Live Act in London

Duke Of Wolves Short Info

High jinx and eargasms
Launched on 1st January 2016, Duke Of Wolves is a London-based, 4-piece rock band. They combine hard-hitting riffs, huge choruses, and melodies that’ll follow you all the way home.

Suitable for crowded public transport, open desert roads, and every mood in between.

Discography Duke Of Wolves

  • 2016 They Laugh Single |
  • 2016 It's Real Single |
  • 2016 Hollow Eyes Single | Duke Of Wolves


  • Sound Duke Of Wolves - Hollow Eyes


  • London GB


  • 2016


  • Jim lead vocals/guitar
  • Tom drums/BVs
  • Sara bass/BVs
  • Orlando lead guitar/BVs

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