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Ducks! - Swerve (feat. Rachel Maio)

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Gig History
31 May / 2019 Éclat Crew Presents Acud Macht Neu/Berlin
11 Jun / 2019 Ducks! // PussyVision Autonomes Zentrum Köln
14 Jun / 2019 Ducks! Hafen 2/Offenbach am Main
15 Jun / 2019 Kimiko Festival Aachen
10 Aug / 2019 Mobile Kino Lakeside Film Festival Klingemühle/Friedland OT Chossewitz
04 Sep / 2019 Live at Heart 2019 Örebro, SE
Label / Release Type Year
Tiny Lights
58223709c2bcc822dca5076124c86fb9b3749344 Things That Were Lost Album 2019
27eb96a06bf2ece2f290c2e3769f68ed3e234941 Swerve Single 2019
4eb119b47568d7679b58096517e9add74e59204a Top Horse Single 2018
Ea03e36a10fcd30c6b93e849d99f55acbd620aa7 Cut & Run Single 2018
E631e33ad62480897dcd91b81c681f16d171e531 Pinprick In Single 2018
4307271079f0418a6fe8be93caa34df2973c568c Giant World Single 2017
5f5edca6300411f59f4fc8bfd9255781192ae9d0 Nak Nak Album 2017
C73e2b36da87e7a1676e75ec05af6e7b22ac8972 Ding Ding Ding Album 2016
9e70c8f402d5251c52bfef61d3a9433847a398bc Time Taken Single 2016
Bbb451c00a16ca1f7f48d1c06fac3dcd7fef07a0 Homo Inferior Single 2016
61815e4f879c41ed0721ffef6523129c76aa3d14 So Talk (Ducks! Spinning Circles Remix) Single 2017
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Press Text
Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks!.

Together, they make electronic music for dancing and dreaming, influenced by Disney and disco, combining synthesiser and vocal loops with found sounds recorded on ancient cassette players. The Berlin-based Australians released their debut album ‘Ding Ding Ding’ in 2016, which was long-listed for the AMP (Australian Music Prize). Their aquatic-themed second album, 'Nak Nak' was released the following year, earning strong reviews and radio play in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Besides their album and single releases, Ducks! have made soundscapes for art exhibitions and art-world memoirs, mini-musical accompaniments for standup comedy shows, and soundtracked BBC Radio 4’s ‘Not a People Person’ featuring Sam Simmons. In Summer 2017 Ducks! were artists in residence at Blitz contemporary art space in Valletta, Malta. There they recorded the sounds that became album number three, 'Things That Were Lost', due out in March 2019.

“... when you sound like a cool mix between Little Dragon and HVOB - there's no other way but looping that repeat button." - Stereofox

“Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan both cut exemplary shapes on stage. Craig takes the role of chief beatmaker, channeling an eccentric scientist vibe into bubbling melodies, while Lani stands front and centre, her vocals and outfits locked in a glitzy battle to outshine each other.” - LOLA Magazine

"Dynamically playful, lyrically they can be brilliantly perplexing, and undeniably magnetic." - Global Texan Chronicles

"Their Ducks! project is joyfully hard to pigeonhole, with a funky psychedelic, electronic pop background but just as easily able to fall into head-nodding instrumental territory." - Utility Fog, FBi Radio