Dub Vampire

Live Act Blues Blues Rock Punk
Dub Vampire - Blues Blues Rock Punk Live Act in MANCHESTER

Dub Vampire Short Info

No Flim Flam. Monkey jazz.
Dub vampire captures the intensity of being alive in this shit world of Bollox. They take their power from cups of tea and drugs (prescription or otherwise) So get yourself sorted out.

Guardian Awards for Mashing up The Scene 2014. Student Times for best drinking songs Sept 2014. Times Literary Suppliment for top semantic stanzas 2014

Past Gigs Dub Vampire

  • 02 | 2015 Salford Trailer Trash

Discography Dub Vampire

  • 2015 Lying Motherfucker Single | ModerateTwatKissa


  • Video Dub Vampire Lying Mother ...
  • Sound Lying Motherfucker




  • 2014