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dry county loner - Americana Alternative Country Live Act in Bordeaux

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For the Dry County Loner, a new life (or just a new name) started after a trip in Kentucky, with no bar, no beer and above all, no bluegrass. He had played in numerous bands (Bugs, Jerky Turkey, Dry County Brothers..), went from punk to alternative country et plays now with his brother Pierre (drum kit) and Benoit who plays the trumpet They play originals and covers (Townes van Zandt, Tom Petty, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash..) with emotion and energy. His first 4 tracks EP, recorded with the Scottish duet Old Dollar Bill (whom last CD title, Lucky From Kentucky made thair encounter inevitable) has been released in December 2015.

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  • 2015 The Dry County Loner with Eko and Friends EP |


  • Media From Chattanooga to Barcelo...
  • Media ODB Blues


  • Bordeaux FR


  • 2013