Drumtrainer Marschkapelle
DE Berlin – Volksmusik / Techno / Electro / Hip Hop / Cover
Drumtrainer Marschkapelle


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Concept: The "Drumtrainer Marching Band" does not see itself as a traditional drum group, but as a young "beat machine".

Modern electro and hip-hop beats merge with New Orleans, Samba and Calypso all the way to polka and waltz rhythms. With their drums in hand, this highly mobile task force can inspire a broad audience with their energetic performance. Shows are possible both outdoors and indoors.

Main Details:
Costumes & Instruments
We prefer playing in traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl, but we can also bring neutral outfits in black or white. Likewise, we can wear costumes made by you. We bring our mobile instruments.

Group Size
At least four drummers make up the smallest line-up. There are no limits to the group size - the bigger the Drumtrainer marching band, the more impressive the performance.

Possible Performance
Slowly rhythms condense into a sound collage. The drummers start to battle with individual solos and finally all find themselves caught in a pulsating dance groove. The audience is encouraged to join in. The performance ends in the drummers’ virtuoso unison. We are happy to adapt the show to your individual ideas. Let us stir up your event - in the most positive sense.