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DE Frankfurt am Main – Minimal Electro / House / Techno / Electro-Experimental / DJ
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HOME Audio
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Home dancing is killing Clubs EP 2010
Audio Rantanplan
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Defender Rhodes Single 2008
Hz Frequenz
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Freakquencies Album 2012
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The first time he came in contact electronic music was in the 90´s which was the release for him to engaged profoundly with music.

What started as a hobby came to the point in 2002 when he realized his profession is working as a DJ or producer to make people happy with music and make them move. There upon in 2003 he established a studio with a vocal room in a Store house close to frankfurt and founded a community with artists and musicians. After a lot of excessive Studiosessions and many produced collaboration tracks his interest grew to deepen his sound knowledge. Then he started to learn about the theoretics and to play the Piano. Later on he learned to play the Guitar which is still a creative basic for him to work out and arrange his Tracks. Finally the time came were he primary came back to electronic music and to use all the new gained acoustic instrument knowledge in his tracks and Dj-sets In July 2007 he organized in cooperation with Dj Pierre ( founder of HOME, Stammheim ) the first „HOME After Hour“ following the second, third... This was how his residency started at „HOME“ 2010 they founded the record label HOME AUDIO...???
In 2021 he came to the point of thinking how he can improve her DJ-set by implement his awesome Live-Musican skills, to build a more individual Setup. His Analogism meets Vinylism is unique in the house and techno scene. and his Live Set´s are really Life allways diffrent . It's a combination of a DJ Mix and a Live-Performance where Tracks which most of the people know will be live remixed.