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Dollmetscher Short Info

We compose and perform instrumental music in our local Krautrock tradition. Two guitars, saxophone, bass, drums and our expertise are what makes Dollmetscher sound as it does.

Our members are born in the eighties, our fans are often older. Also stoners of all ages tend to love our tunes as well as the usual Progrock lover. Our compositions are influenced mainly by the Jazz and Rock music of the seventies as well as the music that was good when we were younger.

Past Gigs Dollmetscher

  • 05 | 2016 Blue Lagoon, Vöhringen Livekonzert mit Smokie Blues
  • 04 | 2016 Don't tell Mama, Neu Ulm Livekonzert
  • 04 | 2016 Villa Max, Ehingen Jazzclub Ehingen Konzert


  • Sound jj's call (live)
  • Sound dollmetscher I (live)
  • Sound dinosaur casino (live)
  • Sound hologram ship (live)
  • Sound La Traque (live)
  • Video dollmetscher live 2015 part 1

Fan Radar

2,157 Plays


  • llertissen DE


  • 2011


  • Christian drums
  • Michael electric guitar
  • Timm electric guitar
  • Veit electric bass