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Nuno Pedro
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Nuno saw the light of day in 1979 at the Portugal.

He begins to make evenings with these friends and during one of those nights he selected his artist name "Roach" diminutive of cockroaches in English, especially around power of survival and adaptation of this little critter. Electronic music fascinates him, he likes when it Groove with a pinched tribal sounds, melodies and the vocal, sometimes even a bit Oriental. He loves dancing women and seeks to see them to precipitate on the track for it wiggle.

Subsequently he began to host parties in several clubs and discos of the countries, France and Switzerland, in houses such as: Hard club-Portugal, Jet7 Club - France, Magic Club-Switzerland, At Home Switzerland, Kheops Club - Switzerland, Jack Club - Switzerland, Amboss Ramp - Switzerland.. just to name some of them... clubs he shared the decks with many Djs such as: Dachshund,Carlos Manaça, Jiggy, Louie Cut , PMX Soundz, Jutzi, Bfly, Alex Trusk, Nicholas Koch , Corpataux, Lucas de grandis, Mia Kaltes, Astroneff among many others.

Twenty-first century, the big boom of the virtual and sharing through the Web do it starting to happen also through radio stations on the net: Deepsession Radio, Innervison Radio, Pure Music ,CasaFonda Radio.

He have been invited to play a broadcast on the channel DjTv dedicated to electronic music in Portugal to promote the European techno scene.

In early 2008 he went into production, demonstrating once again the talented and versatile artist he is, he has then the pleasure to collaborate with artists of international fame: Gus Tinto and D-Formation.

He made several releases by labels like:

Zero Records(owned by Vlada Asanin)Spain

Aenaria Recordings (owned by Lucas Ricci) Italy

Brown Records (owned by Miss Brown) Françe

Maintain Replay Records, Portigal

House Lab Records, Serbia

Tall House Underground, England

Shelving Music,Argentina

Triskel-Tech Recordings, Belgium

among many others....

Getting big support from artist like:

Luigi Madonna (Drumcode / Unrilis..)
Frederic Stunkel (Italo Business / Pure Ibiza Radio..)
Molino (Be One Records)
Vikthor (Intec Digital..)
Alberto Blanco (Twosounds Records..)
Joseph Capriati(Elektrax music / Naked Lunch..)
go!diva (Elektrax Recordings..)
D'JAMENCY (Reload, Natura Viva..)
Nico Ramirez (Nimo Recordings/ Format Fm..)

Roach an artist other than full, who just waiting to ignite dancefloors...