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DJ Master Cabana


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Dj Master Cabana…one of the exxotic flavored artists in the eclectic club scene.

is a member of a family with a long history of artistic musicians…
Together with his brother on the age of 12… bobi started to discover the keyboard, conga’s and percussions and a brand new world of music was born!
Vinyls and turntables were bought shortly after because of his passion and devoted talent.
On the age of 16 Bobi was asked to be the resident of several night clubs in Holland.

His passion and interests for music are the results in his pure exploding sets in every groovy club he played arround the world. Also with his brother ´Rivalio Vegaz¨ together known as ¨Wild Brothers¨they produced and played on several Eclectic House Events.
Their skills are truly devoted and unique in several countries around the world and exploited and supported by several Energy Drinks.
His favorite club scenes are located and stabilized in Spain, Mallorca, Ibiza, Miami, Italy, Holland, Germany and lately also in Poland.

The exploding mixes and produced tracks are fully capable to rock every club scène.
Dj Master Cabana is ready to pump and rock the crowd with his music always and any time again… are you ready to step into his world off pumping music?
The eclectic house bootlegs and remixes are described as floorfillers who being very explosive and wild and uplifting…this funky rhythems are combined with pure urban beats, pumping bass and booming electro sounds and that’s why they are the makers of every party.

Master Cabana’s life motto for every day again is: To Listen good music… is relax for the mind, that means living with passion and feel free, because music brings always something good if you are a child or a adult! Everybody gets a smile on theyr face because of music and it makes you dance… romance and joy. If you are familiar with this feelings ? you expierince the rush of his power.
DJ Master Cabana; a true groovy exxotic talent and devoted to present his dj talents and music skills capable of making the girls in extasy and the crowd turn extremely wild with his pumping booming sexy sound.