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Forkida - Heavy Metal Alternative Nu Metal Alternative Rock Live Act in Berlin

Forkida Short Info

FORKIDA is the band that formed in 2011 by four persons in Lutsk (western Ukraine) but band is situated in Berlin Germany !Singing in english they play nu metal and write songs about global problems and strange themes!
Forkida have played a bunch of concerts in Europe during past 3 years. After recorded new 10 songs in 2014 Forkida RELEASED album REINCARNATION and made their first videoclip for single "COME ON" !


  • Sound FORKIDA - Come On
  • Sound FORKIDA - Put Your Hands
  • Sound FORKIDA - Without A Doubt
  • Sound FORKIDA - Favorite Song
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  • Video FORKIDA - Come on (Live 201...


  • Berlin DE


  • 2011