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Dingue Short Info

Based in Nürnberg, Lars aka"Dingue" started to create and play techhouse music in 2008. The last years he had a coop project called "Fetzer & Hennig" with many releases on different labels in germany. Over the years he developed his style to a unique techhouse sound and finally in 2015 found the new ego "DINGUE". Dingue also started as a duo team project together with his long year friend Floreano. Still today they make several songs together.

Dingue...thats Techhouse sound with love!

Release of Dingues first EP will be on 8th of february 2016 on Techno Schwalben! Enjoy!

Discography Dingue

  • 2016 Urafiki EP | Techno Schwalben
  • 2016 La Nuit EP | Techno Schwalben
  • 2015 Dancing in bavaria Remix | Beatwax Records
  • 2015 Vogelweiher Sixty-Four Compilation Track | Beatwax Records


  • Sound Dingue @ Rakete Nuernberg 0...
  • Sound Dingue - urafiki (Orignal Mix)
  • Sound [BWD018] Tom Shopper - Dan...
  • Sound DINGUE // Red Pill Blue Pil...


  • Nürnberg DE


  • 2015

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