die Johnnys

Live Act Noisepop Punk Rock Cover Garage Rock
die Johnnys - Noisepop Punk Rock Cover Garage Rock Live Act in Linz

die Johnnys Short Info

LETS ROCK! Straigt, rough rock´n´roll, loud, wild with no frills are the trademarks of this four members suburban – garage combo.
Lust, emphase and melody meet with uninhibited words to a firework of high spirit.
We do it for you juicy Brothers and Sisters.

Past Gigs die Johnnys

  • 03 | 2017 Spinnerei, Traun Konzert Egophone / Die Johnnys / Frenk Lebel
  • 12 | 2015 Cultur Cafe Smaragd Die Johnnys / Slavica 19.12.2015 live im Smaragd

Discography die Johnnys

  • 2015 blond sells Album | Real Trade Rec.
  • 2004 rocknrollbaby Album | Real Trade Rec.


  • Sound die Johnnys - Spuck mich an...
  • Video L.O.V.E.
  • Video die Johnnys - At the end of...

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  • 1993


  • Georg Reyer voc., git
  • Georg Sayer git.
  • Robert Gaisser bass
  • Julian Prellinger drums

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