Live Act Alternative Blues Rock Experimental
DDT - Alternative Blues Rock Experimental Live Act in liverpool

DDT Short Info

DDT are a quirky Liverpool band who receive higher praise after every gig. With furious drumming, heavy bass lines, and layers of feedback blasting from the guitar amp, the trio combine noise and blues rock to be one of Liverpool's loudest bands. Mersey Radio's own Billy Kelly likened them to “a punkish Cream or Led Zeppelin”. Simply by having fun on stage they prove to be a very interesting live band, well worth seeing. Winning over crowds whenever they play, DDT reached the final of the prestigious Hunger Games competition back in May. Keep your eyes and ears open for the yelling and fuzz that is DDT!

Past Gigs DDT

  • 09 | 2014 Barnsley Freshers Band night Opium
  • 09 | 2014 Liverpool Love Music promotions Lomax
  • 06 | 2014 Liverpool Hungar Games Zanzibar
  • 05 | 2014 Liverpool Hungar Games Zanzibar
  • 09 | 2013 Liverpool ZanziBar
  • 09 | 2013 Liverpool Old Roan Ash Wednesdays,
  • 05 | 2013 Liverpool


  • Sound 7/4 Blues (Demo)


  • liverpool GB


  • 2013


  • Mike Corbett Singer/ Guitarist
  • Andy Donegan Bass player
  • Jay Fearon percussion