Dave Angus

Live Act Acoustic Rock Melodic Garage Rock Indie
Dave Angus - Acoustic Rock Melodic Garage Rock Indie Live Act in Aberdeen

Dave Angus Short Info

I'm a singer/song writer from Aberdeen Scotland and I've been playing gigs regularly in Aberdeen since 2013.
I used to be in a band called Before Cavemen, I still play the band songs live at gigs or when I'm busking.

Discography Dave Angus

  • 2015 Greetings Album |
  • 2014 Operator EP |


  • Sound A Song For Today
  • Sound No Satisfaction
  • Sound Mainstream Song
  • Sound Impatient
  • Sound Dead Man
  • Sound One Day
  • Sound Would You Put Me In Tune
  • Video Busking with Very Toxic


  • Aberdeen GB