Dark on Tuesdays

Live Act Electronica
Dark on Tuesdays - Electronica Live Act in Oslo

Dark on Tuesdays Short Info

Scene 1 (int)
I woke up in Vegas. Alone. I remembered being in LA, and I remembered a club. It was closed with the words “dark on tuesdays” written across the door. This was wednesday, and I had no idea where I was last night.

Scene 2 (ext)
The wind tugging my hair, I stood at the end of the woods, looking over the city. I was alone. There was a tingeling sensation in my eyes, like the light wanted to get past them and into my brain. It hurt. It was wednesday.

Discography Dark on Tuesdays

  • 2014 (v) EP | AWAL
  • 2013 (vi) EP | AWAL
  • 2013 (iii) EP | AWAL
  • 2012 (ii) EP | AWAL
  • 2012 (i) EP | AWAL


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  • Oslo NO


  • 2010

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