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Dario Plevnik Short Info

Dario Plevnik is a composer and guitar player from Osijek, Croatia. He was born 26.04.1969. and he has been playing and composing music since age of 10.

Lovely music and impressive playing. I enjoy his music very much.

prof. Pat Pattison Berklee College of Music in Boston

I very much enjoyed Dario’s music. It sounds like you have a very good base to build on, and I wish you much luck in your careers.

Mark Downey, Nerve Center Minneapolis-St. Paul

I listened to the music and enjoyed it very much. I will keep your details on file and contact you again if I have a potentially mutualy rewarding project to consider.

John Hipwell Hipwell International Production Services Australia

Thanks, very pretty!

Joel Denver All Access Music Group Malibu, California

We will contact you when we see opportunity to utilize Dario’s talents.

Maarten Steinkamp, President of Continental Europe, Sony BMG London

In regards to Dario Plevnik’s music.

Matthew Peltier , Proposals Assistant, Documentaries and Factual Features BBC Television Centre London

We really liked and enjoyed the music of Dario.

Ahmet Selim Kaynak Pelikan Muzik Publishing Istanbul – Turkey

I’m sorry for the late response in regard to Dario’s CD ‘Slavonian Horses’ including 12 tracks. Christian Reinecke has been listing to Dario’s music played so brilliant. But we will keep in mind Dario’s wonderful music and will contact you whenever we can give it a chance.

Heike Bisping Assistant to General Manager / Release & Copyright Management EMI MUSIC PUBLISHING GERMANY

I found the music hauntingly beautiful. Ideal motion picture soundtrack music. Dario sounds very interesting.

Frank Welzer (retired) The Head Of Sony Music Latin America

I am very flattered that you considered me as an agent for Dario Plevnik and he sounds amazing!

Sandra Singer Associates Westcliff on Sea, Ireland

Dario’s music is great.

Dave Arcari Musician Scotland

Dear Darija, You have a really talented husband. Your husband is charming and plays beautifully.

Pamela Oland Grammy-nominated lyricist and songwriter Los Angeles

Hi Darija, thanks for the wonderful music.

Jerry The film and music network UK Screen,

Dario music is beautiful & he is a very talented Guitarist.

Terry Scully 4 Real Records, UK

If Dario were ever to come to the US and release product here, I would be more than happy to work with you. Peace,

Tom Estey, President Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion Los Angeles

Thank you for the songs. I am enjoying them very much. Please stay in touch.

Robert Newton, Creative Director The MassBay Film Project & Festival, Boston

I’m pleased to know about you and Dario. Do you want us to represent Dario’s catalog in Argentina and neighboring countries (I mean Uruguay and Paraguay)? Send my regards to Mr. Dario.

Daniel Retondano Creative Manager Universal Music Publishing Group Argentina

Hi Darija, You’re right—he’s amazing. Are you interested in hiring us to help get Dario a record deal in America?

Al Gomes Big Noise Artist Development and Music Promotion & Publicity New England

I agree that Dario is talented.

Arjen Witte Managing Director EMI Holland

We were very impressed with the CD, your husband has much talent, we will keep your details on file incase there may be an opportunity in the future where we can work with you. Wishing you every success.

Liz Coffey Director OMMUSIC UK

I listened to Mr. Plevnik music and I found it great !

Maurici Estruga Estruga Artist Management Barcelona

Absolutely beautiful!! Should I have a need for original music, I will definitely keep Dario in mind.

Nancy Platt Producer/Owner Fly Over Studios & Community Activist Kansas City, Missouri

Beautiful music, like the sky. I was touched by his music.

Sandip Ray President & CEO Extensa Bioscience San Francisco

Indeed, excellent stuff, Darija… not quite adapted to the present film we’re doing (horror), but I will keep you in mind if and/or when there is a fit.

Christopher Panzner President at Eye & Ear, Paris, France

I heard several songs including Darija and Rasa. The music is wonderful and the recording quality amazing, especially considering these are live performances! On behalf of the Music PAL management, here’s wishing you the best with all your music publishing and licensing endevours.

Michael Borges Founder/owner at AMsystem Los Angeles

I loved the first song itself – “Hrvatska”. Beautiful. I shall definitely get in touch with you soon.

Shyam Madhavan Sarada Founder & CEO, Wannabe Studios India

I learnt that your husband is a guitar virtuoso. I am a Polish journalist specializing in music virtuosity, so I’d love to review all solo CDs by your husband!

Mikolaj Furmankiewicz Warsaw, Poland

Very beautiful and emotive compositions.

Russell Taylor Head of Production at Blue Barracuda Harrow, United Kingdom

Just downloaded all this great music. Many thanks to you! Is Danny Cohen another name Dario uses or a colleague? All the tracks are great. You’re right, I do enjoy this music.

Thomas McKenney The Man in the Hat Cinematographer, Director of Photography Los Angeles

Your music is beautiful. Danek Kaus Screenwriter, Owner LightSound Ventures, Inc. San Francisco

I really enjoyed what I heard on his myspace and it will be at the top of my list or instrumental pieces.

Trey Rick Attorney, Music Supervisor, Artist Manager 3L – Pending Entertainment Jackson, Mississippi

Your music comes from your soul and the heart of the people of your homeland.

Bruce Maier Independent producer and engineer, musician, songwriter, producer and publisher of web magazine at damngoodtunes.com Las Vegas

Wow! beautiful! Absolutely amazing work!

Trygge Toven Music Supervisor at LUSSIER Productions Los Angeles

You very beautiful music, thank you for the gift, definatelly will keep you in mind.

Hilda Mercado Cinematographer at Freelance Jacob and Kole Agency Los Angeles

Wonderful music! I enjoy it very much! I don’t have a business need at the moment but I will keep in mind.

Maria Rosario (Dominguez) Doriott Director of Operations, Impression Mobile Veriana Networks, Inc Indianapolis, Indiana

The music is beautiful. I will keep Dario in mind

Si Dunn, Screenwriter, Book Author and Owner Sagecreek Productions, LLC Dallas

I’ve been enjoying your CD while I’m driving my car. Classic guitar sound and you talent is execellent. I wish I can see you soon in Chicago and Seoul.

Sang-Gu Cha Accounting/Auditing/Bookkeeping Chicago

I checked out your site and really like your stuff.

Richie Frieman Owner, PensEyeView.com Washington D.C.

I loved your compositions !! excellent.

Suresh Vijai Software Architect Architect Cum Manager

Syntel consulting Inc Location Phoenix, Arizona

In the very near future we are going to hear alot more about this great Croatian talent! Dario your music is going to conquer the world!

Ivica Fonti Croradio Melbourne, Australia

Real nice picking, Dario! Bruce Goldish musician Santa Barbara

Buona musica Daniele Bazzani Musician Rome, Italy

I have to say I absolutely love the brilliant instrumental music CD, I am going to feature your instrumental music on my radio programs at www.979fm.net. Keep up the great music.

Ed Story Berkana Aboriginal Program 97.9fm Melton, Melbourne, Australia

You are a very talented & gifted to play so well. You play wonderfully.

Barry, Drywall Leeds, Alabama

Sounds great!

Steve Mackay Director/Producer Red Zebra Productions Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dearest Darija, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to Dario’s music. It is lovely, and I will absolutely keep you in mind. It would be delightful to both work with Dario a nd become your friend as well.

Kerry M. Thomas Owner, Thomas Herding Technique Philadelphia

You have beautiful music. Thanks for sharing it with me,

David Japka Producer – Production Manager Los Angeles

Beautiful, will keep him in mind! thank you!

Roy-M. Martens Chief Hobo at TheFilmPortal.net Los Angeles

Loved your work, let`s stay in touch…

Campos-Lopez, Francisco Award-Winning Director & Screenwriter Argentina

Oh I love it; specially the “Hrvatska”. Your music is really very very good . . . . you are the best.

Abderrazzaq JEBBAR ERP – ECM – BPM Expert (Project Manager / Architect / Consultant ) [SAP / FileNet / Documentum] 3200+ 14.5 M+ United Arab Emirates

Very nice, I am impressed. I liked the music!! I just might need some good music. You guys keep up the good work!!

Jose Pino Owner at Media/Marketing Consultant CEO at Cleargreenradio.com Burlington, Vermont

I must say thanks for sharing with me your husband/client’s music he is very talented . Ricardo”Sky Dalimit” Pierre Founder/CEO at Heat Enterprise Inc. [HEI] New York City

I have to say I really LOVED the Slavonian Horses. That was just great. I like the combination of rock and traditional sounds. I think he combines them well. I would love to get a CD of his music. Thanks again for the beautiful music and I will pass along his website for others to enjoy.

Caroline Thompson Photojournalist/Media Specialist San Francisco

I am no expert on classical guitar but I loved his played and the music he played. Remarkable clarity and precision of playing.

Brian Corber Independent Law Practice Professional Los Angeles

He’s very talented. I could see his music in Bourne Identity or something like that, even the Godfather, could be awesome.

Michael Brown Executive Producer Testimony Pictures/Oveflow Entertainment Chicago

These songs are quite lovely, very evocative pieces. The playing is very nice. I think there would be opportunities for it in films and television.

Josh Sherman Sr. Director of A&R/Marketing Savoy lebel group New York

I listened to the tracks. As a compliment the first thing that came to mind was Christopher Parkening’s “Romanza.” Since that is my favorite classical LP it’s easy to say I enjoyed your music.

William Cook Music and Story consultant Owner at GOI Productions Los Angeles

It’s wonderful!!! Very powerful and full of emotions. He’s got a great talent.

I’ll keep you in mind for future projects, and I’ll send your info to some contacts we have here too.

FERNANDO CARRION CEO – Producer at BLACK MARIA Valencia, Spain

It’s great music and would be absolutely perfect for the right film project. I hope it comes along!

Brian Freeston Owner at TBA Guildford, United Kingdom

Thank you for introducing me to such beautiful musicI followed your link to Dario playing the guitar and have enjoyed a moving and peaceful time listening to his compositions. I feel uplifted.

Mike Hannaker Director Circle Plastics Limited Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire UK

Yes, Dario’s music is beautiful.

Hans Hartman Renewable Energy Director at Clean Green Power CEO at Mystic Media Partners Owner at H2Films, LLC New London/Norwich, Connecticut

The guitar music is very very nice…. Rebecca Michaels Voice Over Artist and Virtual Asstant Los Angeles Very talented, I will keep it in mind.

Jim Orenberg Owner, 3Di Inc Providence, Rhode Island

Yes it truly is beautiful music.

Gorgia Holmes Gizakiss Music Melbourne, Australia

Absolutely love the music!

Brad Yost Co-Founder & Owner at Shimee, Inc. Dallas/Fort Worth

Darija, thank you, thank you so much for sharing with me!!! I’m not sorry at all, I’m very honored and over joyed by Dario’s beautiful artistry, wonderful talent…You made my day! I can hear my soul speaking to me when I listen to and thru Dario’s music..such unbelievable sound, bravo! Absolutely, thank you! I’m listening to the music on Myspace now and watching the videos too…It’s just fantastic.. This was a fresh start of the day with Dario’s music…cleansing my soul…refreshing it. It does truly touch the soul…that’s the true pure essence.. He has a “gift” not only is he talented but he has something that as been given to him from up above… his music it touches you deeply…it resonates with you…it’s non verbal..

Ervin V. Pulliam Credit Officer – Documentation United Commercial Bank Owner, MATCH 1 Entertainment Seattle

Absoultely beautiful music…So beautiful Angels weep. God speaks to us all. I agree Oscar or Grammy.

Richard Oshen writer, director, producer, director of photography at Pacific Coast Highway Productions, Inc. Principal Lighting Designer at Eyelight Los Angeles

This morning I woke up with a melody in my head. To me this is not strange, I always have music playing in my head ( like an internal mp3 player). It was a beautiful melody, played on guitar. What annoyed me was that, coming just out of bed, I did not know the title of the music.

So I started thinking. ( As the brain thniks much much faster than one can read it took only a second) “Who is the composer, I know this song, where does it come from. Is it perhaps from Carmen ( The opera from Georges Bizet) , no it is not. Is it something played by Andres Segovia, something called L’agrima from a famous Spanish composer? No. “Una furtive l’agrima” from Donnizetti? No, no. Is it compsed by Ennio Moriconi? It could be but it isn’t. “

And then I knew. It comes from Croatia, “Darija” by Dario. So then I was ready to get out of bed. :-)

Tycho Schipper Mastering Engineer at TribeOfNoise NetherlandsI woke up with a melody in my head. To me this is not strange, I alw

He makes beautiful music. His guitar has a very rich sound.

Ayodeji Dikio Marketer at WooEB Greater Atlanta Area


Jennifer Yeko True Talent Management 9663 Santa Monica Blvd. # 320 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Thank you for sharing Darija, that is some beautiful music! I enjoyed it :)

Angela Neik Owner at Calligraphy by Angela Dallas


Elaine Haygood Owner, Lens Cap Productions Chicago

I listened to Dario’s music and I LOVE it! Does he have a record for the public? I’d like to get one.

Marija Miletic Dail Producer/director at Animation Cottage Los Angeles

Thanks for posting this. I’m listening while I update my website. It’s making it much more enjoyable.

Sharon Lorimer Founder at doshebu London, United Kingdom

We have listened with interest to this young man’s musical talents.

Scott Young. Managing Director. SPY Entertainments Ltd Windsor, UK

Thank you for sharing your original music – very lovely compositions and superb playing ability. We will definitely keep you in mind for something on one of our film projects.

Tom Gunn director ,cinematographer, composer Bali Lau Entertainment Group Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you for introducing me to such beautiful music. You sure stopped me in my tracks this morning. I joined ecademy to experience ‘networking’ and logged on with my business hat on. Took your advice. I followed your link to Dario playing the guitar and have enjoyed a moving and peaceful time listening to his compositions. You are right I am not sorry – I feel uplifted. Thank you – my best regards to you both

Mike Hannaker Director Circle Plastics Limited Harlow, Essex UK

I actually took the time to listen to your husbands music and I have to say he is a talented musician. Nice music if you just want to relax to something. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to hear him play.e

Richard Tunison iReidsville, Georgia

Dario Plevnik is a composer and guitar player from Osijek, Croatia. He was born 26.04.1969. and he has been playing and composing music since age of 10.

Lovely music and impressive playing. I enjoy his music very much.

prof. Pat Pattison Berklee College of Music in Boston

I very much enjoyed Dario’s music. It sounds like you have a very good base to build on, and I wish you much luck in your careers.

Mark Downey, Nerve Center Minneapolis-St. Paul

I listened to the music and enjoyed it very much. I will keep your details on file and contact you again if I have a potentially mutualy rewarding project to consider.

John Hipwell Hipwell I...

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Past Gigs Dario Plevnik

  • 05 | 2017 Rab (island) 5 months busy. Valamar hotel.
  • 05 | 2016 Rab (island) 5 months busy. Imperial hotel
  • 05 | 2015 Brač (island) 5 months busy. Gradele restaurant
  • 05 | 2014 Vis (island) 3,5 months busy. restaurants

Discography Dario Plevnik

  • 2016 Spin up Album | ?
  • 2005 Croatian Waters Album | indi
  • 2001 Chrisane collection IV Compilation Track | Chrisane collection
  • 2001 Snovi Album | Croatia Records


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  • Video Dario Plevnik - VRANSKO JEZERO
  • Video Dario Plevnik - DARI

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