Daniel Jimenez Afanador

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Daniel Jimenez Afanador - Alt-Pop Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter Alternative Rock Latin Rock Live Act in Los Angeles

Daniel Jimenez Afanador Short Info

Singer/songwriter Daniel Jimenez Afanador creates heartfelt indie rock/pop songs that blend an array of musical techniques and instruments from around the world, including his native Colombia. Further adding to the multi-cultural sound, is his band, which includes seasoned professionals from all from different countries and ethnic backgrounds. Daniel has performed across the US and around the world, most recently in Spain and Ireland. In addition to performing, Daniel is also a producer having worked with Grammy winning artists and up-and-coming-acts like Becky G.

Discography Daniel Jimenez Afanador

  • 2015 Deep Swimming in Brazil Album | self released
  • 2014 All the Same EP | self released
  • 2012 Mucho Amor Mata Album | self released


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  • Sound 02 - Deep Swimming In Brazil
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  • Sound Aguanta (Hold On)
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  • Sound Solo Tu (Only You)

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