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Ab67616d0000b273bee7aebb9025718194228c4e Calm Again Single 2020
I Don't Need To Rebrand & Guy Moses under exclusive license to Helicon Music
Ab67616d0000b273e3c0d2b0d4c0438ac3971ec4 Catching Fevers Single 2020
DMZL & Damsel Is Depressed
Ab67616d0000b273de7959b36361ddc695988624 Mind Album 2020
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Hailing from Israel,Damsel Is Depressed is channeling teen angst into a sound that is best described as a mixture of pop- punk, Hip hop and Alternative.

This Depressed Damsel Is heavily influenced by Amanda Palmer, Fiona Apple, Willow Smith,Milo, Twenty One Pilots and is a huge fangirl.

From writing lyrics and singing at a young age, without giving it too much importance or a name ,it was starting to be apparent that Damsel was always really sad, in school they would all call her a crybaby, so she began to be really silent for a large portion of her life, but her mind was overflowing, so she would write and write . in fact , since age 6 or 7 she would wake up most nights and cry at the same commercial for "Materna" (look it up bigboii) and then write while her eyes are tearing up,
as the little Damsel grew older she dreamed of being in a band , but no one ever understood her vision :(

So in 2016 Damsel decided to go Solo, and it was terrifying :)
Damsel is currently learning the ropes , because despite being awesome, funny, charming and authentic, She is also really bad at pushing herself down people's throats and she doesn't like to play by the rules.
In 2019 Damsel released 'The Truth Is Not Explicit Vol. 1' followed by Volume 2 on April 20th and Volume 3 later that same year.
Damsel had her first big break playing live in front of a big audience at the Israel-Festival at Jerusalem on May the 30th 2018
later went on to do more festivals and bigger live shows :Meshulash(triple feature with Noga Erez and Eden Derso), Indnegev 2019, SoFar and more..

Damsel came to her current status of local recognition
slowly by collaborating with uprising Israeli Artist and Producer Atar Mayner
in two songs on his successful debut album , led by being one of the guest performers in some of his bigger shows on the tour, including three sold out shows at the 'Barby'
recognition also came from freestyling in the Pocket Jam at the Radio E.P.G.B club in the center of Tel Aviv ,and singing a hook in a hit song by the acclaimed historic Israeli band Girafot in 2019.

Damsel took part in an exhibition "The Cosmos" by Yonatan Vinitsky that opened its doors
In January 2020 for 5 months, by writing the theme song for the exhibition that played a few times an hour, and also by narrating for a piece in the exhibition .

"Damsel Is Depressed has a certain affinity to Emo Rap, something honest, revealing, melancholy, and to a certain extent in her look, her album full of closed, pressing, imprisoning spaces.
Her biography emerges less explicitly, but manages to express very expressively her scratches.
In Damsel Is Depressed , the extraordinary urgency comes from both the texts and the tone of poetry and rap. Damsel moves in almost all of her songs between singing and rap."
-Ben Shalev, Gallery , Haaretz.

Damsel is currently recording a few projects, including her first full length album, a collaborative EP with Producer Guy Moses (Moses Project)
and some more collabs and freestyles