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Curanderos - Latin Rock Rock Garage Rock Live Act in Cologne

Curanderos Short Info

Curanderos are two latin-american guys from Mexico and Uruguay composing english and spanish songs taken from real life. From melancholic to raw sounds, they offer a various range of music types that combine rocking dance beats with catchy guitar riffs.
Famous for their authentic live performaces, Curanderos succeeded in reaching the finals of the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) in London. Recently, they completed their recordings for the debut album. Having finished that, Curanderos are ready to rock the stage!

Past Gigs Curanderos

  • 06 | 2016 Mönchengladbach Hardt Beat Festival
  • 04 | 2016 Neumann, Ehrenfeld Ehrenfeld-Hopping


  • Sound Imaginacion Mix I


  • Cologne DE


  • 2003

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