Crystal Meth Pet Gore

Live Act Rock Alternative Grunge Blues Rock Psychedelic
Crystal Meth Pet Gore - Rock Alternative Grunge Blues Rock Psychedelic Live Act in Berlin

Crystal Meth Pet Gore Short Info

The mojo is strong in these jolly and friendly chums, and they sure like what they do.
They will take you on a mystical round trip full of rhythm and grooviness from which there is no escape.

So if you are looking for some excitement or if you are just hungry for something fresh, come on in and let yourself go to their tasty sound. Meoowww.

Past Gigs Crystal Meth Pet Gore

  • 01 | 2015 Arcanoa Berlin Crystal Meth Pet Gore live im Arcanoa Berlin
  • 10 | 2014 Ma Thilda Bar Berlin
  • 04 | 2014 Chesters Berlin
  • 09 | 2013 Peppi Guggenheim Berlin
  • 08 | 2013 Ma Thilda Bar Berlin


  • Sound Put It Right
  • Sound Time
  • Sound Cute Girls
  • Sound Martians In Underwear
  • Sound Away
  • Sound Sunday Morning
  • Sound Hey Kids
  • Sound She-Bitch
  • Sound I'm Aware

Fan Radar

85 Fans
1,055 Plays


  • Berlin DE


  • 2012


  • Frank Guitar/Vocals
  • Lenni Drums
  • Shelly Bass/Vocals

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