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CrossFire - Patreon Intro Video
Gig History
22 Jul / 2019 Blue Balls Festival Lucerne, CH
04 Apr / 2019 Club Nubia (by Richard Bona) Paris, France
13 Apr / 2019 The Corner Brussels, Belgium
18 Apr / 2019 Re-Wine-d Tirlemont, Belgium
24 May / 2019 The Great North Folk Festival Whitby, UK
25 May / 2019 The Great North Folk Festival Whitby, UK
26 May / 2019 The Great North Folk Festival Whitby, UK
10 Jul / 2019 Music Ô Jardin Festival Sixt Fer à Cheval, France
21 Aug / 2019 Buis Blues Festival Le Buis, France
13 Sep / 2019 Le Flore Puteaux, France
27 Sep / 2019 Cahors Folk Club Cahors, France
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Label / Release Type Year
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Drifting Ashore Album 2018
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder CrossFire - EP EP 2016
Dream Brother Company
Ce84e08f999b9e3e8814535be2a2609e07473e8a Buffalo Single 2018
3f65f4ae6e3b44c7f017e2637cc29a67aad147d3 Drifting Ashore Album 2018
9b23883ae4499528e1dfd805f64f4019168033c8 Crossfire Single 2016
No Agency
No Management
Press Text
« Above all, CrossFire is a sound.

The sound of two voices, air and earth combined, Allison Mareek’s eerie highs and
Etienne Prieuret’s raw and rugged depths. The sound of two guitars, the lace of a Martin
and the roughness of a Gibson. The sound of two elements the blend into each other with
an ease so great it makes them one, a warm and wrapping sound that transports the
listener to the folk, rock and blues horizons of Americana.
Allison Mareek, English songwriter for numerous artists, was sought by French TV
channel TF1 to sing the ending song to their movie “L’Emprise”, and Etienne Prieuret,
professional guitarist since the age of 16 and freshly returned from a European tour with
American bluesman Keith B. Brown, has joined her on stage for a first concert.
The music could have stopped at this concert, but the alchemy was impossible to ignore.
And so, CrossFire was born in 2015. Each one finds his own place naturally, Allison writes
the lyrics and Etienne the music, and like all things meant to be, the original songs start to
Four of them make the eponym EP released in 2016, mixed by Michael Harrison (Snarky
Puppy). In parallel, the concerts have multiplied, in France and abroad (Toronto, New
York, Tangier...), and the songs of their first album start to appear. This album 'Drifting
Ashore' funded by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, was recorded and
mixed in September 2017 with a dream team of musicians in Normandie, France and
mastered in Belgium by Pieter De Wagter (Equus Mastering). It has taken the duo’s
musical universe one step further and is now in your hands and in your ears; the
adventure goes on..."