Crooked Weather

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Crooked Weather - Folk Live Act in Cottingham

Crooked Weather Short Info

Crooked Weather is earthy, unruly and original and has become a big part of the East-Yorkshire music scene. Their sound offers a very original approach to folk music mixing a blend of progressive folk and folk rock creating a sound that varies from soft and intimate to complex and powerful. This along with a strong lyrical component offers a unique and contemporary style of music. As Sid Griffin (Coal Porters’/Bob Dylan biographer) stated: “Crooked Weather is out on a limb where few bands go. They sound like a San Franciscan band from late 1967 plopped into 2014: or think Incredible String Band with a 21st century mindset”

Discography Crooked Weather

  • 2014 Long Garden Album | Warren Records
  • 2013 Quantum Mango Album |


  • Sound Long Garden Sampler


  • Cottingham GB


  • 2012


  • Will Bladen Vocals and guitar
  • Holly Blackshaw Vocals and guitar
  • Danny Wright Bass
  • Roy Lyons Harmonica
  • Sam Kitchen Violin