CROCK rock band

Live Act Rock/Blues Blues Hard Rock Melodic Rock
CROCK rock band - Rock/Blues Blues Hard Rock Melodic Rock Live Act in Aktobe

CROCK rock band Short Info

CROCK - a joint Ukrainian-Kazakh Live Band. The team consists of: drums, bass guitar (vocal), lead guitar (vocal), guitar (vocal, harmonica). The group's repertoire includes classic rock world that combined to cover the project "CROCK-road", which consists of the songs of famous rock musicians:
Eagles, Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Guns and Roses, Deep Purple, Nazareth, AC / DC, ZZ-top, BB-King, Roxett, Tom Petty, Zucchero ... and many songs for the Russian and other language. All music 60-80s: blues, rock-n-roll, hard rock, pop-rock-style.
Live and quality music only.

Discography CROCK rock band

  • 2016 NAFFTALYNE Album | CROCK
  • 2015 CROCK-road (cover project) Album | CROCK


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  • Denis Davydov leader guitar, vocal
  • Dmitry Davydov guitar, vocal, harmonica
  • Kamil Asfandiyarov bass, vocal
  • Valentin Tsygankov drums