Cousin Avi

Live Act Rock Pop Funk Soul Reggae
Cousin Avi - Rock Pop Funk Soul Reggae Live Act in Northampton

Cousin Avi Short Info

Established in 2007.

We don't have a sob story, this isn't the X-Factor. The only tears we shed are the ones that get wiped away with the blood and the sweat.

We are a real band. An independent band. Making music is the easy part. The rest is an ongoing struggle. A struggle that we love. Music is life. Life is Avi.

Our story is in our music.

We've performed along side some fantastic artists over the years including:

Basement Jaxx
Amy Winehouse
Katy B
Ms Dynamite
Example name but a few.

Past Gigs Cousin Avi

  • 12 | 2015 Lewes, UK Cousin LIVE @ The Lamb

Discography Cousin Avi

  • 2015 Breaking For Love EP | Cage
  • 2013 The 'White EP' EP | Cage


  • Video Cousin Avi - Breaking For Love
  • Sound Catch On (EP Version)
  • Video Cousin Avi - Wrong Side (Of...


  • Northampton GB


  • 2007