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Pirate Route marks Colton Benjamin's discographic debut, which arrives on the aftermath of two years assimilating urban vibes from three particular cities.

Born and raised in Lisbon, Colton's academic path led him to spend a big part of last couple of years between London and Stockholm. Colton brings in his vocal histerionics, experimental jazz filled with his soul, funk and blues origins.

Influenced by his family vinil collection of brazilian jazz, artists like Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, Jimi Hendrix or Nat King Cole, as well as the 90's funk and soul ambiences of D'Angelo, Bilal or Jamiroquai were fundamental for him to discover his own sound. Colton began singing in the hip hop/soul group Legião Vermelha, then as the lead voice of Bambs Cooper band. After years playing a support singing role for well known portuguese artists such as Jorge Fernando, Virgul, Nuno Guerreiro or Dino Santiago, the time feels right for him to go on his own.

Encouraged to stay true to his artistic vision by his long time friend and producer/composer Antonio Fonseca from Kiss and Die Productions (Amsterdam), as well as by Paulo Carvalho aka the Bassman (Nu Soul Family) partner in many other musical projects, Colton's heart-on-the-sleeves lyrics play an integral role in his appeal. It touches themes such the highs and lows of romance, the cultural intersections of his travels, and socio-political observations. His songs based upon personal experiences have a relatable and emotional immediacy.

The album counts with the blessed collaboration of Daniel Alexander (The Illumination Experience), Leslie Roxen Tan (Holland), Royal Brandy (Collaborating and Producing), the guitar virtuoso Pedro Mourato (Skills & The Bunny Crew), D-Compost on the technical support, jazz man Miguel Teixeira on the keys, Zé Valério on the saxophone, Paulo Carvalho (Nu Soul Family) on the bass,Claudia Fernandes and Sara Rasoilo on the chorus. We can identify Colton's original insurgence in songs like "Can't Let Go", where the inspiration by Portuguese Prime Minister soar declarations promoting the high education youth immigration, result in a melancholy plea for a love relationship togetherness. Then in "21 Grams" he reflects on the weight of soul and the strenght of overcoming intelectual and social difficulties that are posed to all of us at some point in life. In the single that antecipates the album debut, Colton brings in "Sail Away" the ups and down of a jazzy shared relationship, portraying the ephemerality of a closer and further way of understanding love.