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Collider - Postrock Experimental Progressive Organic Electronic Music Live Act in Norwich

Collider Short Info

Based in Norwich, Collider are Bill, Simon and Jake.

They are an experimental post-rock band who create pulsing, intense and noise-fuelled sounds.

All multi-instrumentalists, Collider forge an engaging live show, which has been known to feature glitching visuals and always includes a variety of experimental homemade instruments and electronics.

Notably, the band have played alongside Errors, Mimas and iLiKETRAiNS.

Discography Collider

  • 2014 Dinosaur Single | Self Released
  • 2012 Treehouse Single | Ziggurat Creative
  • 2011 Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth feat. Jason Dixon Single | Online Release
  • 2011 Snakes With Wings Single | Ziggurat Creative


  • Video Collider - Dinosaur
  • Sound Snakes with Wings


  • Norwich GB