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Clean Cut Kid


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Polydor Ltd. (UK)
F2e6a717bc52574834ce507bf6c375682c5797ef Felt (Deluxe) Album 2017
E4f9f38f254fef93e59f78df4d06f9b297256016 Felt Album 2017
F51bb08b1b71955e092d3c64d803ad5d184dae0a Multivitamin - EP Single 2017
293f13d006e4637db4dfc2f2b2c183af55175ee5 Leaving You Behind (Acoustic) Single 2017
0a68783cceca47a00bf7e1d8ab91c402959dc9c7 We Used To Be In Love (Formation Remix) Single 2016
90912ce85deac6f794408a91a269856dd1077e33 We Used To Be In Love - EP Single 2016
D4c4f1945e00c5afac0140673839462847ac78a1 We Used To Be In Love (Acoustic) Single 2016
0ef1a4378221b4cd8a8c401602520cd5ab222c2b Make Believe Single 2016
2e6a8c03955639091c2af1b9a8b5e1099e57eaee Make Believe (Acoustic) Single 2016
3a19157512ade4e4d984ab5d9a965ca42d103e8c Runaway Single 2015
4737875be3e8b1d76a701090c47a90969afa94e2 Vitamin C Single 2015
5d6b8f55cd769fd9d2a92f9e90d4f07a0f80b35d Pick Me Up Single 2015
Babe Magnet Records
1b5cb5446a53b7b2cf734bbf0c8bef9ad7a23aee Painwave Album 2019
65f31139bd7f437f5cda537b8772418331519e6b I Don't Like You but I Love You Single 2019
C681d47a427b1eb43314439dd2035ab1181d3a15 Painkiller Single 2018
Mike Halls
C53addc9997e78347328c55e8f7d3990bbfa96f3 Deafening Single 2018
Adele Slater
No Management
charlie pinder
Press Text
Having toured relentlessly for three years, alongside recording their debut album with numerous producers and in numerous studios, Clean Cut Kid decided to take a 10 month break from touring to record new music.

On Wednesday 12th September, the band will mark their return with new single ‘Emily,’ taken from their upcoming ‘Painkiller’ EP out 22nd October.

The first thing the band did was head back to their native Liverpool, where they rented a pod in an old shipping factory in the Baltic Triangle area of the city, and filled it with vintage recording equipment. Once that was fully set up, they locked themselves away for months on end, getting everything up to the standard they wanted.

Mike Halls (lead singer/guitarist) was adamant that these new songs would be more personal to Clean Cut Kid, both in the themes they cover, but also to the band as a whole. Explaining this, Mike says: “I want to write about things in my life, what we’re feeling, whether they be sad or joyous. The ultimate thing is to take the deepest emotions and work it in to a message that isn’t miserable.”

Written, recorded and engineered entirely by the band, ‘Emily’ finds Clean Cut Kid deviating from their indie-pop sound of first album Felt – released last year – in to a more lo-fi, American East Coast sound, complete with 70s-inspired, fuzz guitar lines, harmonic backing vocals, a stand-alone verse from Evelyn Halls (keys) and thudding drums, with echoes of Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and Phoebe Bridgers.