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CITIES - Alternative Live Act in swansea

CITIES Short Info

Instrumental / Improvisations.
Alternative Rock / Visuals
Debut release out March 2015.

"Cities are a band hard at work to push themselves and their sound as far as they can possibly take it, and then they try to take it one step further. They craft a lusciously textured and expansive audio/visual experience that washes over you and leaves you in a state of euphoria. Cities' encompassing atmosphere is so enchanting that it removes you temporarily from the context of your life and leaves you transfixed in that one moment and in tune with your primal senses. a profound and ethereal experience."

"Free for all festival"....Cardiff


  • CITIES has no media connected.


  • swansea GB


  • 2013


  • Chris James Bass / Synth
  • Thomas Collins Synth / Keys / Mpc
  • Stephen Cribb Guitar
  • Matt James Drums
  • Ben Williams Keys
  • John Wellings Visuals